Chrissy On Fire

Relax! Enjoy! Grab a triple word square, cth! Hope you don't see this for a while.

I miss playing scrabble (I think I'm in Scrabble Chump League when I see you talking about it - I have bitter childhood memories of Scrabble sharks). Cards. Risk, Jotto. (Ever play Jotto?) With the kids grown & either gone or busy even when they're around, games aren't a Thing We Do anymore. Mrs & I don't even play Gin much. Need grandkids!

Mainly I wanted to say: cth, you are on fire lately. The news merits attention and focus by all creative minds, and you're all over it. I encourage you to continue, just as long as you're feeling balanced, e.g. able to take a while to only worry that your tile rack has nothing but 1-pointers.

Some random thaughts: :)

Random thaught #23e4^7:

I knew Sheila Jackson Lee's district was gerrymandered but I didn't know how absurdly until today when I looked up her district on Wikipedia.