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Counterfeit President 2013 Oct 8
The Face on the Three-Dollar Bill
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Touré de Farce 2013 Sep 24
Geography by the directionally impaired.
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Fast and Loose with the Truth is no Truth at All 2013 Sep 23
Words mean what I say they mean, said the caterpillar.
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Bumbling Bumbershooters 2013 Sep 14
At least Chamberlain could operate an umbrella.
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Give him everything he wants 2013 Sep 10
Especially if it's 'enough rope'
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The Grotesque and the Monstrous 2013 Aug 30
And that's just the First Couple (rimshot)
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The Arrogance of Power 2013 Jul 28
The Insolence of the Power-Mad
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