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Radical Incline

Panic Schedule Notice

Please follow the schedule

Panic Schedule Notice

Radical Incline

The Sanders-Biden Debate

Diversity Party's Leaders Showdown

Tom Meagher, Smiling Irishly at March 10, 2020 08:17 PM on Ace of Spades:
I think rocking chairs with plaid blanket draped over their skinny legs with a sleeping cat on their laps would lend the appearance of folksiness. And when one of them inevitably drifts off to sleep we can all coo adoringly.
Old Geezers in Rocking Chairs
Oh, durnburnit, I forgot the cats.
If I'd added cats, I would've added
For Sanders:
Grumpy Cat
For Biden:
Bill the Cat

Radical Incline

Tingle & Flounce

A Cautionary Biography

Tingle and Flounce

Here is the flat image of the book cover
if you want to try printing it for yourself
or something.

Radical Incline

Amy / Stacy 2020

Because 'Klobuchar/Abrams' wouldn't fit

If only I had published this when I first came up with it. Alas, now it's too late.

Now Klobuchar Ends Race;
Are Alleged Moderates Dropping Out to Boost Biden?

Amy/Stacy 2020