Big thoughts from a little guy

Big thoughts from a little guy hitting the sacramental wine before bedtime.

Big Guy knows what's needed, I absolutely trust that.

It's one of those axioms. If God is, God knows. Givens. That's #theology, regardless what I trust.

So, he said, belaboring to continue (theo)logically, if I lay my problems out before Him, any benefit would come from the experience of thinking things through in partnership with God; I'm not telling Him anything He doesn't already know.

So, knowing He knows, and that He knew from Before the Beginning of Beginnings, then, it behooves us to wait upon the Master Storyteller's Unwindings in all things, abiding in faithful patience with a sense of wonder. "Fear not." And all that. Even, "Be of good cheer." It's not just a good idea. It's the Son of God's command.



Sometimes it seems like He is all, like, "Eternal-destiny, y'know, man; it's covered. Don't worry 'bout the rise and fall of nations or the whole earth passing away thing."

While I'm all, like, "Yeah, but death and taxes, mortal life continuity, grandkids and stuff! About to hit a wall and would like to avoid it. Got any miracles in your bag, there, Supreme One? Hello, Dad? Hello?"

He gave us this time-space life to live, so it sort-of seems like it's up to us to keep reminding him regarding the Urgency of Time in our reckoning.

Know what I mean? Need help now. #twoweeks


Modern Madman's Plea

Help? Help?
Help us help!
Mommy Daddy Mommy Daddy!
Give us the wit and wisdom
to do what's before us now.
What you will.
Yay God.