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G'morning, y'all.

Speaking of airline "safety," Why don't Commercial Airplanes have Parachutes? (from Today I Found Out)

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My grandfather had a loaded shotgun on a gun rack in his living room for years. ... He never had to worry about those kids touching that gun.... —Case

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Life's Highway
Toll road ahead.
Cartoon added on 2013 Dec 6
Subjects: decisions, duty, Paradise, security, safety

Why TF would anyone cripple safety features on a giant mechanical potentially-deadly-anyway amusement park ride? (Rhetorical - there's always some 'reason' idiots do what they do.)

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Sure, warn about blow dryers in the shower,

and warn about toasters in the bathtub,

but did you warn me about toasters in the shower?


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Wherever You Travel

Sign-off for the travel series, blessings for safe travel, and the monthly donation appeal.

Photo by Others, Remix added on 2013 Jun 30
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Dividing Highway
Screeching off in a huff will go the way of slamming down the receiver.
Guardian Gardens

Seventeen-point symmetry.

Illustration added on 2013 Apr 23
Subjects: yantra, Seraphim, safety, garden

Just be mindful of when to take them out, and when not to. I took my oldest out to the farm too young.

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Gave up reading comments somewhere in the 180s.

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penguin chick

Every place we live seems so threatened by the forces of nature! Let's move someplace safe...

Verse added on 1997 Mar 17
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