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Something I've never seen put together, but which I'm sure someone somewhere must've already noted:

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Subjects: automation, economics

site = dire

And the editors unemployed due to Autoincorrect!

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Subjects: automation

Think of all the tellers put out of work by ATMs!

Think of all the postal carriers unemployed because of email!

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Subjects: automation

Big Brother grabbed a reporter's car in Stranger in a Strange Land. Hardly a new concern. Same techniques, different mode.

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Subjects: automation, transport

Drunken Robot Pornography
Better than Drunk RoboCallers
— Bigby's Rodeo Hands

When we get to drunken porno robo-callers, we may have something....

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Subjects: alcohol, automation, robot

Monday, Google announced that it is purchasing Nest Labs, which makes Internet-connected home devices like a thermostat and smoke alarm, for $3.2 billion in cash. -NY Times via Drudge

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Subjects: automation, evil, future, home
Modular Robotized Everything
Hoping the inevitable changes are for the better.
Photo by Others, Remix added on 2013 Jun 27
Subjects: transport, future, robot, automation
Modular Compartments
Party Bus!
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Subjects: transport, future, automation
The Mesh
Linux detected. Use alternate route.
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Subjects: transport, future, automation
Getting Away From Everywhere
Gee, Dad, we were just sight-seeing.
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Subjects: transport, future, automation, sex
Dividing Highway
Screeching off in a huff will go the way of slamming down the receiver.
vid tn
Radical Incline

Eek! Robots are replacing humanity!

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Subjects: Barack Obama, automation, Luddite, Star Trek, parody, business
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Radd Dadd: Automatic
A programmer in a former life.
Robbie the Robot
Transport Future

As robots grow more autonomous, society needs to develop rules to manage them.

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Subjects: robot, digital future, automation
light monorail car
Transport Future

Big Brother will be watching where you go.

Text added on 2012 Apr 19
Subjects: automation, automobile, Big Brother, digital future
Transport Future

This is why we have voice-controlled automobiles today!

Anthropomorphic vehicle
Transport Future

Without the right moral orientation, the automated car will be as much a tool of tyranny as the mass media have become a tool for propaganda.

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Subjects: automation, liberty, social contract
USAToday.DriveOn • Mon 2010 Oct 4, 10:33pm

So the manned helicopter crashes but the driverless Audi went through its paces just fine and wasn't involved in the mishap? Hmm. So maybe robots really are taking over the world. They certainly seem to work better sometimes....