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If I were a carpenter
And you were a lady
Would you marry me even if
I rhymed lady with baby?

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Subjects: music, parody

It’s not easy being a person of uncontrollable impulse.

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Subjects: Hillary Clinton, Time magazine, parody, inspiration

"If only President Obama wasn't so committed to the obsolete Constitution...." -Mary Cloggenstein

OMG, "Mary!" You've outdone yourself with that one!

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Subjects: Impeach Obama, parody

"Incontinentia"... J.J. Sefton


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Subjects: culture, Disney, parody

-Dr. Ruth Westheimer, diminutive sex therapist extraordinaire

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Subjects: Batman, dark humor, David Letterman, parody, sex

For an administration that tries to control its image, ones like this still get out. Then there is the article itself.

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Subjects: Barack Obama, parody
O's Grim Grin
Radical Incline

Let's turn those frowns up-side down, okay, kids? Okay! What have you got to be frowny about, anyway, right? (Large animated GIF)

Animagraphic, Remix added on 2013 Nov 27
Subjects: Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, parody
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At some point uh you've had enough of weed ... uh... wheat and the... uh.... and bacon.

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Subjects: AoSHQ, Impeach Obama, parody

Guess Whoooo

:: beatbox thumps rapidly ::

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Subjects: Impeach Obama, parody, webworker
Bitter Clingers
Radical Incline

About whom were we speaking, now?

Video, Remix added on 2013 Jun 19
Subjects: Barack Obama, gun rights, religious liberty, parody, irony
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That is a bad gun. I can tell just by looking at it that it's a bad killing assaulty thingy.

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Subjects: gun rights, parody
O is not a dictator. He says.
Radical Incline

There's something strangely familiar about the voices of the Obama administration. Hmmm.

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Radical Incline

The President's mastery of comedic timing is matched only by his famous falsetto crooning.

Video, Remix added on 2013 Mar 15
Subjects: Barack Obama, parody
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I subscribe to the Onion's YouTube channel, and often put their vids in my humor playlists (nic link). But I link all kinds of stuff, and I've unlisted several Onion vids after viewing them.

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Subjects: Jenna Marbles, parody
Rock & O
Radical Incline

He's like our Dad. Engaging in child abuse.

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Hm. Was going to email you about a link, but can't track down an address here, so, comment it is, I guess.

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Subjects: humor, parody, Barack Obama, gun rights
The President Learns Gun Control
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Tricks for learning to hit what you aim at

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O & pal
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There's something on my what?

Video, Remix added on 2013 Jan 26
Subjects: Barack Obama, flies, parody, Obama ate dog
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JusticeWeek cover
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Communist Collaborators Caught Red-Handed

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Contestent Louie
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Now, how do you pantomime stuttering?

Illustration, Remix added on 2012 Dec 5
Subjects: Louis Farrakhan, JEF, humor, parody
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So one thing lead to another. Looking for the above vid, I found a few others.

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Subjects: Election 2012, parody, sex, democracy
vid tn
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Eek! Robots are replacing humanity!

Video, Remix added on 2012 Oct 13
Subjects: Barack Obama, automation, Luddite, Star Trek, parody, business
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You don't mind if I just make up any old thing to put in other people's mouths, do you?

Video, Remix added on 2012 Oct 4
Subjects: Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Israel, Star Trek, parody
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Barry makes a pointy
Radical Incline

The Gone Series, collected playlist. Barry, Harry, and Deb, and more!

Video, Remix added on 2012 Oct 3
Subjects: Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Star Trek, parody
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Cute, yes. And impressive work. I see the creator has a bunch of these with Obama. They all look to be notably devoid of a political angle.

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Subjects: Barack Obama, music video, parody
Radical Incline
Video Playlist:
  1. What was he smoking snorting thinking?
    Obama Stammers on Medical Marijuana
Video by Others added on 2012 May 10
Subjects: Impeach Obama, music video, parody, tax
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