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"Have a Great Day - Every Day!" by Norman Vincent Peale is a calendar book - a motivational entry for every day. Usually something amounting to, have confidence, or try try again.

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Subjects: confidence, God

FenelonSpoke: ...theme to joy-on keeping a cheerful spirit...

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Subjects: confidence, doubt

NaCly Dog: Let's smile and be happy and strike fear in the hearts of killjoy leftists everywhere.

Pretty sure I've never mentioned it, but... I like that a lot.

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Subjects: confidence
Wax melts.
Illustration added on 2013 Dec 28
Subjects: abstract, pareidolia, confidence

"...with great confidence submit ourselves to your holy will..."

Seriously, thanks. A daily challenge, that. Lucky to have the best example for inSpiration.

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Subjects: confidence, inspiration

We'll understand it better by and by...

Long-Term Investments - What can you bank on?
An old comic webwork fwiw

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Subjects: confidence, faith

O/T FenelonSpoke: still here?

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Subjects: confidence, faith, soul
The Art of

Universal encouragment of confident pictographic self-expression

Cartoon added on 1996 May 15
Subjects: comics, creativity, confidence, humor
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