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I've said this before in relation to Trumps "shooting somebody" comment: Isn't this about the same as what folks have been saying on here for years about the Obama cultists, that he could murder a

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People are gullible.
Posted by: Joseph Smith


Had to search on Marshall Applewhite. Don't think I'll forget the name again.

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Wait... the Gospel of Barack is not parody??

Until I read past the quote, I presumed it had to be.

Holy smoke.

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Tila Tequla

The thoughful, the addlepated, and the duplicitous - how some people who claim to be religious behave, and how the mocking mass media looks at religion in general, will invariably involve followers of the revelation — while it just sits there, a fixed string of words.

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Again I feel the need to ask: Why is Organizing for America out there telling it's little cultists to sign up friends and family for Obamacare over the Thanksgiving holiday when Obammy and his cron

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Thanks for this post. Not to minimize the dangers the author mentions, which do seem real threats, but I see some ameliorating factors. …

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UB comix

Seven weekly UB Comix strips collected

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When some decide that UrantiaBookism is their religion, it changes the landscape for everyone else.

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