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Jim: Sort of like John Lennon saying the Beatles were more popular than Jesus.

Sort of... except that John wasn't bragging, he was kind-of appalled, as I recall.

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BackwardsBoy: I believe it was either Lennon or McCartney that started writing whimsical lyrics that didn't make much in the way of sense....

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Lennon profile in red and blue
Best of Spirits

What in Heaven do you mean by no Hell? Some theological noodling about the unreality of the place with the guy with the pitchfork and horns.

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The last Cat Stevens album I got was Buddha and the Chocolate Box, an interesting endpiece to his heyday. Like poor old John Lennon, Cat was searching, so hard, but not finding truth.

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When Mrs Candycanes and I met, we had in common a great appreciation for the Beatles. Still do.

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Half of what I say is meaningless.
But I say it just to please you, Juuuuulia
-Brackish O'Lennon

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Skiffle era John
UB comix #4

"They let me come back long enuff for this special message."

UB comix #4

Ask yourself, what isn't channelled?

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