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Slapweasel #599: Yeah... "Unique", just like everyone else.

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Subjects: personality


Slapweasel #591: There are "Morons" and then there are morons like me.

Don't sell yourself short.

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Subjects: personality

Well, the nightcap's kicking in so I'm checking out.

Happy landings, fellow passengers on Ace Airlines. (Don't look under the seats. Just... don't.)

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Subjects: aloha, God, personality
Lennon profile in red and blue
Best of Spirits

What in Heaven do you mean by no Hell? Some theological noodling about the unreality of the place with the guy with the pitchfork and horns.

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Monotheism and morality are not scientifically meaningful, but are both reasonable and, to my thinking, the Inevitable Conclusion, philosophically and theologically.

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Subjects: faith, morality, personality, robot

Either by making the Human Race totally dependent on computers and interactivity or rendering them incapable of stopping their continued existence.

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Subjects: computers, humans, personality
Interpersonal Magnetism
Where you can find charm
Illustration added on 2013 Dec 2
Subjects: abstract, relationships, personality

Well, to return to our friend on the street in San Francisco, he wore a black shirt of good quality, obviously costly.

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Subjects: Norman Vincent Peale, personality
Oh, am I back?
Turing Circuits

At least it has been simmering.

Cartoon added on 2013 May 5
Subjects: Turing test, continuity, humor, personality
Who Scripts Whom?

Plunging into the existential question. Or is it experiential?

Cartoon added on 2013 Feb 24
Subjects: Turing test, consciousness, thought, personality
Sudden Awareness
At least Pinocchio had fingers!
Illustration added on 2012 Nov 18
Subjects: figures, awareness, personality
Best of Spirits

People do what they want to do

Text added on 2012 Jul 19
Subjects: personality, mind
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Best of Spirits

That we are and we ask makes us the revelation of the I Am That I Am

Text added on 1997 Mar 22
Subjects: Urantia, faith, reason, personality, philosophy, Spirit
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Head Shop #1

Shopping ahead.

Cartoon added on 1997 Mar 20
Subjects: surrealism, identity, personality