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Is it going to be like this all the way to the conventions next year? to the election?

If we even get that far.

Speaking of which, on the 17th, I posted these two links:

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Subjects: Election 2016, infrastructure, threat

On Monday, September 14, unknown suspects cut backbone fiber optic Internet cables in Livermore California in what appears to be the fourteenth attack on critical communications infrastructure in a

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Subjects: infrastructure, Internet, threat

The Four Corners Generating Station is a coal-fired power plant located near Fruitland, New Mexico, United States.

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Subjects: infrastructure, New Mexico, threat

Several major websites including Instagram, Pinterest, Netflix and Amazon crashed at midnight UK time, with many offline for around 40 minutes.

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Subjects: bomb, cells, infrastructure, Internet

Two headlines on Drudge

Al Qaeda Targeting USA for Digital 9/11

Solar storm nearly caused catastrophe on Earth (chance of happening still 1 in 10)

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Subjects: catastrophe, chance, infrastructure, solar flare, terrorism

I'm confused. Is this an open thread or reserved for politics?

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"It's almost like its a make work program for the unions, rather than making actual improvements." —Jen

No "almost" about it, tho.

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Subjects: infrastructure, planned obsolescence, transport, unions

Plus it's public land. Hell half the time they put one out for a dog. Enough already
Posted by: NativeNH

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Subjects: grief, infrastructure, transport

isn't that the fault that takes out St. Louis?
and East St. Louis?
good riddance to bad trash
of course a certain poster here would lose his weed selling corner

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Subjects: Chicago, earthquake, infrastructure
Carelessness, Accident, Gremlins
The toll of speedy transport is horrific.
When Systems Fail
Fragile high-tech systems do not good emergency bugout methods make.
Oversize Load
Well, you could cheaply send those logs one by one…
Photo by Others, Remix added on 2013 Jun 16
Subjects: transport, infrastructure, heavy

Dangergirl - Many decades ago, Oklahoma instituted toll roads which would only be tolled until paid for. Guess what; they never end.

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Subjects: infrastructure
Blizzard of 1888
Radical Incline

Our infrastructure is far too fragile. A little February blast (okay, a record blast, but still just a snowstorm) and too much breaks.

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Comments open
Da-aad.. I'm so BORED!

End of the Road #9 of 37

Cartoon added on 1997 Jul 14
Subjects: family travel, Missouri, Route 66, infrastructure, humor