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Ol' Iknaton (forgive my politically incorrect Egyptian spelling) gets a bad rap because he elevated the Sun God to represent Supreme Deity, but that crazy, starry-eyed dreamer was trying to impose

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Subjects: Egypt, theology, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Nefertiti

Oboy! We can has theological debates on Weird Univerts! Whatz nxt? Polyticks?

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Subjects: theology, afterlife, good and evil, humor
Best of Spirits

Murder is a subset of killing.

Text added on 2012 Apr 16
Subjects: love, murder, killing, commandments, theology, Golden Rule
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Best of Spirits

When I began pondering the question of determinism and free will, I found myself, philosophically and theologically, going back and forth.

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UB comix #10

Enlightened theological discussion.

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UB comix #10

What are they up to now?

Cartoon added on 2002 Jan 3
Subjects: father, Son, Spirit, Trinity, yantra
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UB comix #1

The long-awaited further adventures
UB Comix #1, pages 4-5
The lower-res version. Other: High-res and Poster

UB comix #1

The long-awaited further adventures.

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anger, fear, smile
Best of Spirits
Touching on the age-old question of partiality in a universe centered on a Perfect One, especially as relating to death
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Subjects: religion, theology, suffering evil, joy, faith, Spirit
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Radical Incline

Each tends to attack the weak points of the other and dismiss the baby with the bathwater.

Text added on 1996 Nov 20
Subjects: religion, science, theology, faith, Jesus
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What is this? My personal introduction, for those who don't know about the "fifth epochal revelation" to our world.

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