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But did they learn from history?
Cartoon added on 2014 Jan 20
Subjects: stick figure, revolution
Stix: Bestiary
What? No walking stick?
Cartoon added on 2014 Jan 19
Subjects: stick figure, animals
Stix: Too Fast
Exceeding the thin capacity.
Cartoon added on 2014 Jan 18
Subjects: stick figure
Basic Form
Striving for simplicity.
Illustration added on 2012 Nov 14
Subjects: The Art of, stick figure
UB comix

What to do instead of panic?

Cartoon added on 2002 Jan 4
Subjects: remember, reminder, love, prayer, panic, emergency, service, stick figure
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UB comix #11

Remember, remember, remember!

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No way
UB comix #10

Our flying fellows' final fate.

Cartoon added on 2002 Jan 3
Subjects: fandors, passenger birds, stick figure, Urantia Papers
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Stickman plays with his yoyo
Random Acts of Humor
Transmigration of identity.
Cartoon added on 1997 Dec 12
Subjects: humor, surrealism, stick figure, yoyo
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Stickman Plays with his Yoyo
Transmigration of identity.
Cartoon added on 1997 Aug 23
Subjects: humor, surrealism, stick figure
Shivering in a graveyard
Head Shop #5

Disturbing thoughts to avoid when using hallucinogens

Cartoon added on 1997 Aug 11
Subjects: absurdity, farce, tripping, psychedelics, stick figure