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Discussion of GW Bush last night, the man, not the Pres. WeirdDave posted a link to a fine article I thought worth re-mentioning. Miss him yet? :/

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Subjects: George W Bush, sincerity, US President

If there were suddenly unlimited credit on my charge card, or a great accidental deposit to my checking acct, first thing I'd do is run out to spend it all heedless of consequences.

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Subjects: sincerity, their vote counts as much as yours

Burned ou halfway thru weird Dave's thesis. What's the Cliff Notes version? Use emotion? How about sincerity? When you can fake that...

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Subjects: sincerity

"nice-sounding excuse to hang their hat on when their gut has already switched."

Well put, A process applicable in a lot of mind-changing situations, really.

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Subjects: sincerity
UB comix #11

Remember, remember, remember!

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