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* stares at empty beverage glass *

Hmmm. Must be bedtime, ready or not.

As soon as I can get my little fuzzy yellow kitteh off my lap. So. hard. to. do.

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"I apologize for being so quick to anger on this topic yesterday...."
Posted by: sven10077@sven10077

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I feel a to;dr coming on... and it's not time for a new thread yet... is it?

1st, define sin.

Evil = error, anything

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In the news today, the battle for righteousness on the isolated World of the Cross continues. Throughout a far-flung universe, newswatchers ask, How stands America, the light of the world?

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Look at the Palin hate in the comments. - Anna Puma

I was going to post this a few days ago regarding Cruz-hating, but it's just the same:

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Eying you
Best of Spirits

What leads you to believe judgments?

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