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Um… something I realized recently and have meant to mention:

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Subjects: Mary Worth, acronyms, Comics Curmudgeon

Just rolled down to see how many messages… 245! Didn’t read them all, but had the most amusing thought: Josh has to. Even this one! Mwah-ha-haaah! Uh, I mean…

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Subjects: Comics Curmudgeon, evil laugh

Egad! After so many months away on another planet, having caught up on the main articles, I've now returned to wasting my life reading (well, skimming, anyway) Curmudgeonly comments!

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Subjects: comic strips, animals, Comics Curmudgeon, pop culture

I may never be able to get it out of my mind.

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Subjects: comic strips, Comics Curmudgeon, Hi and Lois, humor
The Art of

I've been enjoying the Comics Curmudgeon off and on for years, but more regularly lately. Here's a Mary Worth alteration I indulged in when I should have been doing more important things today.

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