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Mister Jarlsberg,

You helped us with laughter when we were enduring the pain of the Obamama years.

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Subjects: funnies

Yay! I didn't make the top socks list this week.

Thank you, all those who socked more.

Evening, folks!

Short but sweet post tonight, Maet.

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Subjects: funnies

Animal funnies c/o Bluebird of Bitterness
Happy Caturday, Theatrical Edition

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"Bone/Phoney/Smiley trio worked more like the Mickey/Donald/Goofy trio..."

Yes, but maybe more like Pogo, Albert, Churchy?

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The Art of

I've been enjoying the Comics Curmudgeon off and on for years, but more regularly lately. Here's a Mary Worth alteration I indulged in when I should have been doing more important things today.

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