Wasting my life reading Curmudgeonly comments

Egad! After so many months away on another planet, having caught up on the main articles, I've now returned to wasting my life reading (well, skimming, anyway) Curmudgeonly comments! Still not reading funnies again yet, though. Except Arlo & Janis, just because of JJ's blog.

Mibbitmaker, yesterday: "Jinni... Go find yourself an unemployed astronaut to hassle!” Hey, he's not unemployed. Didn't you hear? He's back on Dallas! (Boy, is that doubly obscure!) Aw, dang! Braniff beat me to it by a day!

Okay, then, queek, source of Cuteness, I've missed the squees! (Except, sorry, the corgi overload.) Here's some video payback, in case you haven't seen it.