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Chicago Jesus (shredded chi): "the pilealted woodpecker is what got me into birding when I saw my first one years ago."

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Subjects: squirrel, woodpecker

Anyone thought the weasel was doing something *other* than attacking the woodpecker? Huh. I just assumed....

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Subjects: weasel, weather, Winter, woodpecker

Pileated woodpecker, big guy, pounding on a big old pecan by the shed. Sounds like someone whacking on the tree trunk with a 2x4.

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Subjects: crow, rural, woodpecker

When we lived in Chicago, our life was so arranged that I didn't usually have to fight the masses, at the worst times anyway.

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Subjects: Chicago, urban, rural, Oklahoma, Faithful (cat), bald eagle, deer, woodpecker
Sunning himself one morning.
Illustration added on 2014 Jan 7
Subjects: woodpecker, abstract