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Maybe a bit late with this, but...

If you've got mice, and traps aren't working and you can't get a cat, there's only one solution.

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Subjects: mice

..Rick Z. was talking about mice and traps and the mice avoiding those traps last night...

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Subjects: mice

I was about to open the door to let in my little yellow fuzzy kitty, when I saw that he had brought along a playmate/snack, a good-sized field mouse.

They're playing chase, and catch.

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Subjects: Charlie (cat), death, Life, mice

Wife just managed to shut the screen before Little Gray got in with her catch of the day, a squeaking field mouse. No cartoon chaos inside this morning.

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Subjects: cats, mice

Thanks for that Ike speech, Andy.

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Subjects: bunnies, cats, mice

That was quite a large fieldmouse that Sparky just brought up to show off to the rest of the cats. But after letting it run around some, Sparky went off to play with it privately.

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Subjects: cats, mice
Cat, Bird, Mouse, Cheese
The bird seems unconcerned.
Illustration added on 2012 Aug 2
Subjects: cats, mice, birds, food