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Hollow-Eyed Usurper
Radical Incline

The New New Normal just keeps getting more and more abnormal.

Illustration added on 2021 Feb 2
Subjects: virus, epidemic, masks, Big Brother
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Umbridge Kitty Plate
Radical Incline

The arbitrary dictates under virus panic lockdown are nothing new. Holy Hogwarts!

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Donna Reed
Radical Incline

Jimmy Stewart teaches how to handle the runs in crazy times.

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Boy with stick horse
Radical Incline

Less apocalyptic than predicted. Perhaps just an advance scout.

Illustration added on 2020 Apr 6
Subjects: virus, Apocalypse, Revelation of John
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Burger, Fries, Beverage
Best of Spirits

Coping with contagion and adapting, calmly.

Illustration added on 2020 Apr 3
Subjects: virus, survival, inner strength
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I had been thinking, maybe the Obamas will come back ridden with Cuban bedbugs, but I reconsidered because they would infest the White House.

But there are other possibilities...

Read all… Subjects: added on 2016 Mar 21
Subjects: CDC, Impeach Obama, virus

AllenG: ...what's the deal with the Zika Virus?...

Read all… Subjects: added on 2016 Feb 8
Subjects: virus

Drudge headline: Virus that 'makes humans more stupid' discovered

I have my new excuse.


Checking Weasel Zippers, Drudge...

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Subjects: mind, virus

I had a really great thought about a super-hidden computer virus piggybacking, like on StuxNet, that could do some serious world-changing damage by...

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Subjects: computers, virus

(kid-within voice)Ace is my hee-roooww.(/kid)

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Subjects: bees, virus

A disease infects the local systems of the cosmic mind. Humor in a Urantian vein.

Text added on 1996 Dec 4
Subjects: religion, revelation, humor, Lucifer, devil, virus, Urantia
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