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Thanks again, Maet, for another tasty ONT.

Um... is it legal to show the whole $10 like that?

Anyway, we'll soon be going to a cashless society, so what does it matter?

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I had been thinking, maybe the Obamas will come back ridden with Cuban bedbugs, but I reconsidered because they would infest the White House.

But there are other possibilities...

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(Orphaned at the end of the Ebola thread

Dear CDC,

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Dear CDC,

Our daughter is helping friends who are moving to College Station TX. Should we let her come back to Oklahoma, and if so, how long should she be isolated?

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Subjects: CDC, disease • Sat 2011 Feb 5, 1:22pm

As with drugs and other moral prohibitions, I believe the approach of blanket criminalization of abortion is inappropriate. To the epidemics of mammon -- like drug over-indulgence and the degeneracy and confusion which results in the epidemic of unintended and unwanted pregnancies and consequent abortion -- fundamentally, healthy bodies, minds, and families, and powerful, rightly-directed devotion are the only real *preventative* answer. Which, plainly, is the long, slow, hard road.

While heading there, regardless of our thinking in how to deal with the issues, we'd all like DATA if the government has it, right?

Obama Administration Covering Up Abortion Data

The CDC Coverup Now Turns to Bureaucratic Panic