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On this day 36 years ago, The Empire Strikes Back was released.

"Hey guys! You ever see that really old movie, Empire Strikes Back?" -Spider-Man in Civil War

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Bruce With a Wang!: Have great memories of sitting with friends reading each others comic books and trading. A real rite of passage.

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An Observation: The problem with Comic Books is that they may train the mind to need pictures to go along with words for comprehension - thus stunting the ability of the mind to understand witho

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Gwen Stacey.


Most horrific sound effect ever, tiny little sound.

Dead was dead.

Marvel got too real for this child that day.

Clones don't count.

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"You haven't really read a book until you've read it at least twice."

(Down to that's as far in the post as I've read so far.)

Books I've managed to read through twice or more.

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AllenG: This being Marvel, I'm guessing a 9 - 12 month storyline.

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"Kids? This is Mr Stan Lee!" A proud Geek Dad moment.

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Finally, go away.

"With even the petty power of cob logging comes great responsibility."
-Zombie Uncle Ben

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Sand Portrait of Dorian Obama (clip)
Radical Incline

He's melllltttiiiiing...

Comments open

My kids will attest that I've always said, the loudest, most horrifying sound effect ever in a comic was a tiny little

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