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Maetenloch: ...But a few years after college I ended up reading them again and found them much more interesting and meaningful.

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"You haven't really read a book until you've read it at least twice."

(Down to that's as far in the post as I've read so far.)

Books I've managed to read through twice or more.

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Polliwog: "Listening to Moby Dick on TTS. Surprised at how funny some of the lines are. Still would never actually *read* it."

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»» Jesus replies, " a glass of water is all I need. I'll do the rest thanks "

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Foundation, when it was just a trilogy, and everything else by Asimov up til then. Robots!
Lord of the Rings including the appendices. Read Hobbit + LotT aloud to the kids.

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Must be an acquired taste.

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