A Problem With Comic Books?

An Observation: The problem with Comic Books is that they may train the mind to need pictures to go along with words for comprehension - thus stunting the ability of the mind to understand without illustration.

I suppose, if all a person ever read is comic books, and mostly just skipped captions, glazing over dialog, and just looking at the pictures, this might be true. Might be. Trying to stretch my imagination to encompass such a person.

I was mad comics collector (mom did not throw out my 1960s Marvel collection, but a "friend" did steal it). I was also a voracious print reader. Started out with illustrated Dick and Jane books, by the way. See Spot run. Run, Spot, run! Did not seem to hamper our literacy.

My mother-in-law imbibed that 1950s propaganda about comics stunting kids, and worried because her son Jack was reading them. Poor Jack ended up being just a lowly Chicago cabbie, barely able to read street signs with icons. Just kidding. You can purchase Jack's gritty big-city books on Amazon (and if I did it right should benefit AoSHQ) using this link:

I raised my kids on the Classics. The original Steve Ditko run on Spider-Man. $crooge McDuck stories by Carl Barks and Don Rosa. Because with all power comes mighty responsibility, thrift and hard work are valuable, and if life hands you a buck of worms, go fishing.

But, you know, they're "only" comics.