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What, back to words again? I was really digging the quick-browsing, low-literacy ONTs. Didn't have to move my lips as much. Okay, I'll try...

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Subjects: literacy

TFG: "easier in too many neighborhoods for a young person to purchase a gun than a book"

Only because books require literacy and interest in reading.

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Subjects: Impeach Obama, literacy, self-defense

An Observation: The problem with Comic Books is that they may train the mind to need pictures to go along with words for comprehension - thus stunting the ability of the mind to understand witho

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Subjects: comics, Life, literacy, reading, Spider-Man, Steve Ditko

The plural of mouse is mice,
a flock of goose is geese,
but more than one house is not hice,
nor a flock of moose known as meese.

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Subjects: language, literacy, poetry