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Stringer Davis: FS... You've developed the most natural "non-gendered" vocabulary I've seen....

Absolutely. It's not easy, but FS makes it seem so.

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Subjects: identity, online communication

I am offended at all the people who confuse the impact of words with sticks and stones. Who do I sue?


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Subjects: identity, law

So I read comments backward from 500 to 400. Then I read the post below the fold. Then I read a few comments from the top. First, someone said. Can you imagine?

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Subjects: identity
Throw Me a Line

Fishing for a breakthrough. Turing Circuits #3.

Cartoon added on 2012 Dec 23
Subjects: creativity, identity, knock knock, Turing test
Head Shop #1

Shopping ahead.

Cartoon added on 1997 Mar 20
Subjects: surrealism, identity, personality