Stuck's story recalls ancient days

Stuck's story recalls ancient days debating Meaningful Stuff on Compuserve forums. One's debate opponent usually digs in deeper, practically never conceding, becoming enlightened or informed. But then there's the emails from folks who never post, shy lurkers, or light chatters who don't want to get into the ring with the heavy arguers, and they're folks who express real appreciation for the point the opponent missed.

Come to think of it, Jesus pursuaded few of his challengers, but the crowd recognized and appreciated when he would one-up the lawyers' trick questions (and deliver a greater truth at the same time).

SoS presented the options, and Che-shirt made his choice, not the Good choice, alas (and I even had some hope for him after the "do you love your mother" day). But it will be -- is -- clear to reasonable onlookers that Cheboy's destruction was prepended with self-. KnowotImean? He didn't learn -- too bad for him -- but the consequences for others can be so positive!

What did I just say? I can't remember. Must be time to brush tooth and aim at bed.