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Apropos of nothing in particular, fave headline of the week:

Big Helicopter To Replace AC Unit On Tulsa Office Building

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polynikes at January 02, 2014 11:11 AM

1997 illustration (quick crude sketch when my drawing hand was injured I think) for that joke:

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flying platform
Transport Future

Controlled by the pilot shifting his body weight. (What could go wrong?)

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Quad Copter with Machine Gun
Transport Future

Coming soon to the skies above you.

Transport Future

Getting from here to there by traveling through the air

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USAToday.DriveOn • Mon 2010 Oct 4, 10:33pm

So the manned helicopter crashes but the driverless Audi went through its paces just fine and wasn't involved in the mishap? Hmm. So maybe robots really are taking over the world. They certainly seem to work better sometimes....