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Biden with Ice Cream Cone
Radical Incline

An experiment in reviving the heap o'links. Just random links, mostly political,

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Anon a mouse: ...Did you see the dress that she wore at the golf tournament? OMG!!...

Well, it was cute how she had to keep tugging it down.


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Subjects: golf

"Real" life hasn't left me a lot of time for webworking (a/k/a webplaying) lately, but I managed to do this ICYMI:

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Subjects: golf, Impeach Obama, marijuana, parody
Duffer in chief
Radical Incline

Otherwise hating might be a full time job. Will Rogers Today #2.

Illustration, Remix added on 2013 May 22
Subjects: Barack Obama, Will Rogers, golf
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Well, by coincidence, just a couple of days ago here at home, we were talking about O's drug use on the golf course, and other opportunities for both hanky and panky.

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Journolist at August 31, 2012 05:44 PM:
"My wife is demanding I go golfing. I don't like this."

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