Heap o'Links Aug 24, 2020

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Background: For many years, I kept up with a news links page, not original Mindful Webworks, but on this site. (Blog Heap o'Links archive) Last entry was in January, 2019. I started three blogs. "Other People's Stuff" started off with all kinds of stuff, but quickly became mostly for cat videos and similarly soft subjects. Spun off from that blog was "Other People's Videos," for videos of all sorts. Lastly, I created "Heap o'Links," for non-video news, politics, and other hard subjects. On August 19, I dropped all three blogs due to intolerable changes in the WordPress creator interface. All of those blogs' past content is still available at those links.

Foreground: At the risk of cluttering this "my stuff" site with "other people's stuff," I'm going to post a bunch of links that have no home now. Most of them would be h/t to posters and commenters on Ace of Spades, but I neglected to keep track, since I thought I'd quit blogging.

Heap o'Links for Aug 24, 2020
In no particular order

The big news out of the ABC interview is that Biden said he would shut America down again if scientists told him to.

"Yet in holding scientific discovery in respect, as we should, we must also be alert to the equal and opposite danger that public policy could itself become the captive of a scientific-technological elite."

—President Eisenhower's farewell address, January 17, 1961

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