One in Five Doctors Recommend the Other Four

BoB: That tweet came from a parody account.

Okay, then. Good. I said it looked dubious, but…!

Speaking of lunatic congresscritters, I was looking at Guam on the googlymaps today, and I realized it sits on the edge of the deepest honking crevice on the planet; if it did tump over, it's a long, long way to the bottom.

BoB: I don’t know where they’re getting their information. The correct number is closer to one in twenty-five.

That's the funny part. By panel 2, I'm still thinking "1 in 3? What?" when they both turn to look at me. :D

Somebody did one of those roving interviews asking people the percentage of homo in society. All were way off, high, of course. Encouraged by the TV shows and flicks these days, where the percentage is around one in three.

I think the true number is less than 0.1%, adjusting for a morally failed society encouraging perverse inclinations and randy experimentations. But it varies greatly from place to place, say, urban San Francisco to rural Dallas.

:roll: :D