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» ...Shooting down of flight 800 by Iran, which he [Clinton] deliberately covered up.... —D-Lamp

Oh, is that settled science?

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Rachel Maddow is a conspiracy-theory loving imbecile whose concept of analysis is a sneering head-tilt, and who routinely pushes Alex Jones level nonsense out to a gullible public.

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Good heavens, folks. Why would we need an old-fashioned militia in this day and age? That's just silly.

Say, a funny comparison I noticed this evening:

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sounds like a Truther just got shouted down at the presser -Jones in CO at April 18, 2013 05:27 PM

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Karl Rover *golf clap*

Sersly u gyz, I will be interested to see how long that Wikedpedia entry stands. The info war - it's not just for Alex Jones anymore. Or something.

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"corny as it may read, coming here is a welcome reminder that not all is shot to hell."

Except AoS is really just a false front to heather info on all the rightwingers.

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Thanks for the tip to check out the SNL opener. What I saw was a few weak, glancing blows at Romney, and then pretty much left him alone in favor of mocking O and ol' Jim.

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