Why would we need an old-fashioned militia?

Good heavens, folks. Why would we need an old-fashioned militia in this day and age? That's just silly.

Say, a funny comparison I noticed this evening:

Politico headline: Arming TSA officers hits resistance on the Hill
Politico http://politi.co/1bWvL18

Breitbart headline: Capitol Hill Resists Union's Call for Armed TSA Agents
Breitbart http://bit.ly/178HiwI

Drudge headline (linked to Politico): Union moves to arm TSA agents...

Notice how some sources focus on "Capitol Hill" while that crazy Drudge guy focuses on the Union angle.

Oh, also this amusing item.

DHS to Hire "Top Secret" Domestic Security Force
Infowars http://bit.ly/1a6gICB

That Alex Jones, what a certifiable tinfoil-hat loon!

All of these things just tell us how safe we are.

Now, about militias. What were you wacko birds saying?