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US Election 2012

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Sarah Palin 45x45ObamaPalin hasn't officially entered the race she's already running third in primary polls in Florida. (Wow — running third although she isn't even a candidate yet.) So what happens if she gets in and gets the nomination? What if the race ends up being Palin v. Obama? If it does, Obama may find out how Walter Mondale felt after running against Reagan in 1984. But he will surely find out how Jimmy Carter felt when he faced Reagan in 1980. ... Palin v. Obama will be a landslide (and Obama knows it). • Mon 2011 Aug 29, 9:24am

The Trans-Texas Corridor is one such emerging line of criticism against Gov. Perry. First proposed by Perry in 2002, the north-south running road would have also included a railway, petroleum pipeline, power lines, and communications cables. ... conservatives who criticize Gov. Perry over the proposed use of eminent domain to build a road aren't just wrong — they're actually advocating a position that is unconstitutional it its core. ... [Hmmmm. Not all the facts are included in this article.] • Fri 2011 Aug 26, 10:22am

Here is Rick Perry on the campaign trail recently, responding brusquely to an Iowa college student who asked him a well-researched question about his debt accumulation record in Texas. ... Perry pokes the student in the chest with his index finger and then gives him the complete brush-off telling him … "You obviously don't know what you're talking about, brother." • Thu 2011 Aug 25, 4:46pm

Sarah Palin 45x45Sarah Palin wrote a note titled On the Future of Libya: "We join the Libyan people in gratefulness as we hear of Col. Gaddafi's defeat. The fall of a tyrant and sponsor of terrorism is a great day for freedom-loving people around the world. But the path to democracy in Libya is not complete, and we must make wise choices to ensure that our national interests are protected...." • Mon 2011 Aug 22, 5:04pm

the Constitution would see a major overhaul if the Texas governor and Republican presidential candidate had his druthers. ... Perry laid out these proposed innovations to the founding document in his book ... He has occasionally mentioned them on the campaign trail. Several of his ideas fall within the realm of mainstream conservative thinking today, but, as you will see, there are also a few surprises. ... Despite saying last month that he was "fine with" states like New York allowing gay marriage, Perry has now said he supports a constitutional amendment that would permanently ban gay marriage throughout the country and overturn any state laws that define marriage beyond a relationship between one man and one woman. ... Perry said that he would support a federal amendment outlawing abortion because it was "so the soul of this country and to the traditional values [of] our founding fathers." [h/t Mafia Rose commenting on HillBuzz] • Mon 2011 Aug 22, 4:33pm

The Gardasil debacle is just one of many concerns a wide range of grass-roots conservative activists have about Perry's record as governor. He's soft on illegal immigration despite a few recent nods to border enforcement. He's prone to crony capitalism. And as the vaccine mandate scandal shows, he demonstrated Nanny State tendencies that are anathema to Tea Party core principles. A clearer, more forthright apology about the Gardasil executive order would have helped. But in the end, I don't think there's anything he can do to 'fix' his political/ideological instincts. They are what they are. -Michelle Malkin [h/t Patti commenting on HillBuzz] • Fri 2011 Aug 19, 4:51pm

Sarah Palin 45x45Sarah Palin's Sept. 3 event has been relocated from Waukee to Indianola to better accommodate a larger crowd, organizers said.Palin is the keynote speaker at the Tea Party of America's 'Restoring America' event, which is free and open to the public.The event was originally scheduled at Hawkeye Antique Acres in Waukee. The event is now scheduled from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the National Balloon Classic field, east of Indianola.There has been speculation that Palin, a former governor of Alaska and 2008 Republican vice presidential candidate, could use the event as an opportunity to announce whether she plans to run for president in 2012. • Thu 2011 Aug 18, 6:07pm

Sarah Palin 45x45Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan have had good, inspiring, on-target things to say about the US fiscal crisis. Michelle Bachmann has had good things to say. John Bolton had an important piece making the case that national security is inextricably linked with fiscal security, a much-needed point in the context of the recent debate. But Sarah Palin came through today with a Facebook post that strikes the right tone and is at once simple, direct, and comprehensive. It doesn't rail at past mistakes, nor does it come across as a raised-voice, you've-got-to-get-this-people communication. Palin takes it for granted — with refreshing common sense — that we are in a crisis, its features are obvious, and the task now is to deal with it, not continue to argue whether it's really a crisis or how big it is or whose name we can pin on it. • Thu 2011 Aug 18, 6:04pm

Sarah Palin 45x45Blaming the Tea Party for our credit downgrade is akin to Nero blaming the Christians for burning Rome. Tea Party Americans weren't the ones "fiddling" while our country's fiscal house was going up in smoke. In fact, we commonsense fiscal conservatives were the ones grabbing for the extinguishers while politically correct politicians and their cronies buried their heads in what soon became this bonfire. • Tue 2011 Aug 16, 1:54pm

Special Guest Commentary by the Sarah Palin Homunculus that Lives Inside Liberals' Heads ... Well ya see, the deal is I'm not Sarah, but boy I gotta tell ya, we sure do get mistaken all the time! No, I'm just a plain ol' homunculus Sarah Palin that your own id created to sublimate your deep-seated psychosexual neuroses. Or so those egghead books say, anyway. • Tue 2011 Aug 16, 1:32pm

Ten years after 9/11, can't we nominate someone who can speak to the ominous threat posed by Islamic supremacists in this country? ... Rick Perry must not be the Republican nominee. Rick Perry must not be President. Have we not had enough of this systemic sedition? • Sun 2011 Aug 7, 3:47pm

American conservatism, the philosophy of smaller, Constitutionally-oriented government is extremely fragile in a world where a surprise event can "reset" the government to its 50-year default position of progressivism, socialism, and top down control. • Sun 2011 Aug 7, 3:27pm

Sarah Palin 45x45Of all current or former governors among the leading candidates for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination, no one's record of dealing with his or her state's debt and unfunded liabilities compares with that of Sarah Palin during her three fiscal years at the helm in Alaska. • Sun 2011 Aug 7, 3:25pm

The problem for Perry, in the blinding light of the national stage, is that he may ultimately be seen as the swaggering rooster who believes the sun came up because of all that crowing. Texas was a conservative, small government, pro-business state long before he was in charge, and Texas will remain so long after he's gone. Americans may conclude that Texas jobs would have materialized whether Perry was governor or not, and it might just be to Texas business' credit, not Perry's, that they did. • Sun 2011 Aug 7, 3:21pm

the ONLY reason Perry keeps getting re-elected is because his challengers ALWAYS suck worse. ... Basically He's Mitt Romney light, a big government guy. ... Besides Gardasil, which Perry went around the legislature and issued an Executive Order trying to get in place, there was the Trans-Texas Corridor fiasco. ... more on Gardasil. It seems Perry and some of his cronies got big donations from the drug maker, Merck. ... There's a LOT more. Rick has sucked up to LULAC and La Raza (The Race) for a decades. He signed our version of the DREAM act, which, as RomneyCare was the blueprint for ObamaCare, serves as the blueprint for the federal version of the DREAM Act. Oh, and here's a lovely photo of Rick and his buddies from ACORN circa 2008.... • Sun 2011 Aug 7, 12:53pm

ObamaPresident Obama delivered a high-profile speech to NCLR last week, letting the radicals know he plans on giving more to them than just cash. ... the NCLR is a radical racialist group — too many members have absolutely no respect for the United States, most especially not for our immigration laws! (This was evident when the NCLR crowd urged Obama to violate the Constitution during his speech and unilaterally grant amnesty.) Moreover, this is the same organization that supports "radical Chicano" groups that seek to conquer the American Southwest by force or by ballot box and return it to Mexico. ... No matter the reason why Obama is pushing his illegal immigration strategy — whether it's a deep-seated belief or a ploy to attract the Hispanic vote — his polices are downright dangerous and flagrantly unconstitutional. • Sun 2011 Aug 7, 12:50pm

A mystery company that pumped $1 million into a political committee backing Mitt Romney has been dissolved just months after it was formed, leaving few clues as to who was behind one of the biggest contributions yet of the 2012 presidential campaign. ... a vivid example of how secret campaign cash is being funneled in ever more circuitous ways into the political system. ... • Tue 2011 Aug 2, 11:49am

Her face was plastered on billboards. The press had her staked out. She couldn't go anywhere without the Secret Service and an entourage, so when did she conduct these clandestine shopping sprees? If you believe that, than you are dumb enough to believe that the woman who took on corruption in her state and ousted a sitting governor from her own party didn't know that Africa was a continent, not a country, or the parties to the North American Free Trade Agreement. • Tue 2011 Aug 2, 11:34am

John McCainFormer U.S. presidential candidate John McCain on Tuesday shrugged off criticism leveled at his running mate, Sarah Palin, saying he expects her "to play a big role in the future of this country." • Tue 2011 Aug 2, 11:17am

"I did not order the clothes. Did not ask for the clothes. I would have been happy to have worn my own clothes from day one," she says. "But that is kind of an odd issue, an odd campaign issue as things were wrapping up there as to who ordered what and who demanded what." She continues, "I haven't really heard how all of that evolved until we started getting criticized for supposedly asking for all of these clothes, my family and me. And I still don't have all of the answers. But it just seems like such an irrelevant issue when you consider what is going on in the world today and how a new administration is being ushered in and people being concerned about the direction of the nation and policies that will be adopted and also being excited about this moment in our nation's history, clothes just seem irrelevant." Governor Palin says she finds it "puzzling" that critics accused her of not knowing—among other things—what countries made up NAFTA or whether Africa was a continent or a country. "I remember that discussion," she says, referring to NAFTA. "But there was never a question about, well, who are the participants in NAFTA? So for my discussion there to be spun into something that it was not and then being broadcast on national television, again, based on anonymous sources, that's been another puzzling thing to me." So, is Africa a country or a continent? "Never, ever, did I talk about, well, gee, is it [Africa] a country or is it a continent?" she says. "I just don't know about this issue. So I don't know how they took our one discussion on Africa and turned that into what they turned it into." • Sat 2011 Jul 30, 2:54pm

ObamaMake no mistake: that's what happened over the past weekend. We have been through a mercilessly condensed version of a presidential campaign, lasting only hours, in which Barack Obama ran against his own image, demonstrated himself unworthy of office, and threw away any chance of victory in next year's contest. • Sat 2011 Jul 30, 2:54pm

Sarah Palin 45x45Gallup Shows Governor Palin's Favorable Rating Among GOP/GOP-Leaning Indies to Be Back Over 70%. That's what my math shows when you multiply the percentage of Republican/Republican-leaning indies who recognize the candidate by the percentage of Republican/Republican-leaning indies who have an overall favorable opinion of the candidate. • Sat 2011 Jul 30, 2:53pm

ObamaIn every reputable battleground state poll conducted over the past month, Obama's support is weak. In most of them, he trails Republican front-runner Mitt Romney. For all the talk of a closely fought 2012 election, if Obama can't turn around his fortunes in states such as Michigan and New Hampshire, next year's presidential election could end up being a GOP landslide. • Sat 2011 Jul 30, 2:53pm

ObamaPresident Obama's job approval rating is at a new low, averaging 40% in July 26-28 Gallup Daily tracking. • Fri 2011 Jul 29, 12:52pm

Sarah Palin 45x45Upon originally hearing about The Undefeated, Youth for Palin wanted to be involved in promoting the film because of the message that the film would share with the public. So Youth for Palin contacted Victory Film Group, offering to bring awareness to The Undefeated. ... Within 24 hours this video attracted at least 10 comments that advocated the beheading, killing and/or violent gang rape of Gov. Sarah Palin and her daughters. • Tue 2011 Jul 26, 8:06pm

ObamaWith all of the spotlights on the high-stakes debt maneuverings by President Obama and Speaker John Boehner the last few days, few people noticed what Vermont's Sen. Bernie Sanders said: "I think it would be a good idea if President Obama faced some primary opposition." This is political treason 469 days before a presidential election.... Now, comes a new ABC News/Washington Post poll with a whole harvest of revelations, among them, strong indications that Obama's liberal base is starting to crumble. ... Obama's overall job approval on the economy has slid below 40% for the first time, with 57% disapproving. And strong disapprovers outnumber approvers by better than two-to-one. • Tue 2011 Jul 26, 7:58pm

We need to become a little tougher-minded, and cease believing things simply because we saw them on the Net. The left has this stuff scoped out. They know exactly what kind of effect they want, and exactly how to create it. We are well aware that a considerable amount of cash, time, and effort goes into monitoring our sites, including our comment boards. We know full well -- having dealt with them endlessly -- that there are individuals, very likely on the payroll of a certain gentleman from Hungary, who are always available to throw a wrench into things when called for. These people are out to create uncertainty, hopelessness, and paranoia by whatever means they can. They will be doing this on the grand scale during the upcoming election. From here on in, we need to at least consider the possibility that the people promoting visions of chaos and disaster on conservative websites and elsewhere may well be out to push an agenda utterly opposed to our own. Our response must be to think hard and don't jump to conclusions. • Sun 2011 Jul 24, 11:29am

Sarah Palin 45x45This is the same president who proposed an absurdly irresponsible budget that would increase our debt by trillions of dollars, and whose party failed to even put forward a budget in over 800 days! ... pushing our country to the brink because of his reckless spending ... ignored his own debt commission's recommendations and demonized the voices of fiscal sanity ... wanted to push through an increase in the debt ceiling that didn't include any cuts in government spending ... wants to slam Americans with tax hikes to cover his reckless spending ... hasn't put forward a responsible plan himself, but has rejected reasonable proposals that would tackle our debt. ... still refuses to understand that the American electorate rejected his big government agenda last November. ... [Sarah Palin] • Fri 2011 Jul 22, 3:33pm

Cain showed so much promise, he was good on the stump and was even better during the first debate, but now his campaign is dead, he may not know it yet but all that's left is for it to fall over. The cause of death is the same as so many presidential campaigns before him, known in the Latin as Bardus Superstitiosus Orationes (stupid bigoted statements). ... We are supposed to be protecting religion from government. Despite his protestations Herman Cain is saying the Mosque is not allowed to be built because it is a Muslim place of prayer. If Murfreesboro wants to ban the building of the Mosque, could a different community be allowed to ban the building of a Synagogue, Catholic Church? That is simply not allowed in the American Constitutional system.