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WW2 - still with us

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Jenn Knee | Twitter • Sat 2018 Dec 8, 11:13am

…“I just got out of the Marines—I’m taking a break before I get married and start college in Mew Mexico. I earned a break.”

How long were you in the Marines, kid?

“Four years, sir. I did four years.”

Kid. [he honestly laughed as he shook his head] Kid, I served all six years of World War II and I wasn’t even 18 and already stationed in Hawaii when they hit the Harbor and I reckon I never came home and took a break.

Go to my truck, grab that other belt—make sure you’ve got a pencil and measuring tape. Bring a hammer, too—you earned a break, huh?

I may never know why I complied—it wasn’t a question or an invitation—he told me to grab a tool belt and I did.…

A wonderful story of two war-damaged souls, one from the Gulf War, one from Pearl Harbor.
Wyatt Olson, Stars and Stripes • Wed 2018 Mar 14, 2:59pm

The Japanese surprise air attack of Dec. 7, 1941, on Hawaii was a staggering military triumph that decimated the Pacific Fleet’s battleships in Pearl Harbor and wiped out most of Oahu’s air defenses.

Three months later, the Japanese Imperial Navy sought to repeat a surprise bombing raid on the island using its newest long-range aircraft, the “flying boat” Kawanishi H8K.…

J.J. Sefton, Ace of Spades • Fri 2018 Feb 2, 1:20pm

…Yesterday was the 75th anniversary of the Soviet victory in the Battle of Stalingrad. Probably one of the most savage battles in modern history, if not all history and a major turning point in WW2. 5 months later at Kursk, the Nazis' fate was sealed.

Nickarama, Weasel Zippers • Tue 2016 Dec 27, 11:40am

…The aerial bomb, which the city said the British dropped during World War II, was found last week during construction work… Police said the bomb did not present an immediate danger. …waited until Christmas Day to defuse it because there would be less traffic than usual, and thought many people might be able to stay with their relatives.…

Cites Buzzfeed citing CNN
Deborah Danan, Breitbart • Thu 2016 Sep 1, 7:37pm

Dozens of brains and other body parts were discovered at the Max Planck Psychiatric Institute in Munich, Germany, when the building was undergoing renovations.

The remains of the bodies are reported to have belonged to victims of the Holocaust who were subjected to Nazi experiments, including children, the mentally ill, and the physically disabled, the Max Planck Institute said according to a report by Israel’s Army Radio.…

Nagasaki Mushroom Cloud
War News Updates • Sat 2016 Aug 6, 1:51am

…Soviet Union researchers captured the harrowing footage of the flattened Japanese cities around a month after the US bombings took place.

The black-and-white video, which is around five minutes in length, was presented to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in June this year by the chairman of the Russian State Duma, Sergei Naryshkin. …

Citing Daily Mail.
Video: Timeone News, YouTube, 3:10
Kemberlee Kaye, Legal Insurrection • Thu 2016 Jun 30, 9:51pm

“When the Americans who liberated Dachau found the women with their babies, they cried.”…
Their stories are amazing…
Even in the midst of unthinkable evil, there survived life and hope.…

Daniel K. Eisenbud, Jerusalem Post • Wed 2016 Jun 29, 8:36pm

Lost since the end of World War II in 1945, a tunnel dug by Jewish prisoners at Ponar (today Paneriai), near Vilnius, Lithuania, to escape from the Nazis was discovered recently using state-of-the-art mineral and oil exploration technology for underground predictive scanning.… For three months they clawed out a 35-meter-long burrow, using spoons and their bare hands. On the night of April 15, 1944 – the last night of Passover, 40 prisoners cut their leg shackles with a nail file, and crawled through the escape tunnel. Twenty-five of them were shot by the guards. Fifteen managed to cut the camp’s perimeter fence and escape into the Ponar forest. Eleven joined up with the partisan forces and survived the war.…

Kemberlee Kaye, Legal Insurrection • Fri 2016 Jun 10, 12:26pm

More than 16,000 items belonging to victims of Nazi death camp, Auschwitz were recently rediscovered in Poland.

Their whereabouts have been known since 1967, but shortly thereafter, communist upheaval stalled the recovery of these long-lost possessions.…

Lucas Reilly, Mental Floss • Tue 2016 Jun 7, 2:28pm

How a chicken farmer, a pair of princesses, and 27 imaginary spies helped the Allies win World War II.

Patrick O'Donnell, Breitbart • Mon 2016 Jun 6, 5:50pm

It was the toughest mission of D-Day. Allied plans called for 225 Rangers, including Dog Company, to land on a tiny beach, scale the ten-story-high cliffs of Pointe du Hoc, France, under a torrent of enemy fire, and destroy the most dangerous gun battery threatening the American portion of the invasion.

It was a suicide mission.…

Curmudgeon, Political Clown Parade • Mon 2016 Jun 6, 3:34pm

…There are so few surviving veterans. The National World War II Museum estimates that by 2036, there will be no living veterans out of the roughly 16 million who served from the United States.…

Mark Munson, War on the Rocks • Sat 2016 Jun 4, 11:52pm

… The Battle of Midway is important to memorialize and remember for many reasons. Among these reasons is that it is an inexhaustible source of still-relevant lessons on how to successfully apply intelligence at all levels of war.…

Andrew Roberts, Daily Beast • Wed 2016 May 25, 7:24pm

Days after Hitler’s suicide a group of American soldiers, French prisoners, and, yes, German soldiers defended an Austrian castle against an SS division—the only time Germans and Allies fought together in World War II.…

Kemberlee Kaye, Legal Insurrection • Thu 2016 May 19, 10:22pm

Seventy-one years after meeting for the first time, ninety-four-year-old Sid Shafner and ninety-year-old Marcel Levy were reunited for the first time in over twenty years.…

Escapee Levy encountered Shafner's squad, and directed them to Dachau Concentration Camp.
Bill, Weasel Zippers • Wed 2016 May 11, 8:48pm

A man believed to be America’s oldest veteran is celebrating his 110th birthday on Wednesday.

Richard Overton, of Austin, Texas, fought in the 1887th Engineer Aviation Battalion in World War II, and served as a corporal in Hawaii, Guam and Iwo Jima.…

“I feel good. A little old, but I’m getting around like everybody else…”

Citing NBC
CDR Salamander • Tue 2016 Apr 12, 3:47pm

This is so sublime and funny - especially for those who have lived with Germans for years - I don't even know where to start.…

Somebody thought this was a good idea, I guess? Check both videos.
Kemberlee Kaye, Legal Insurrection • Sat 2016 Apr 9, 6:45pm

Thirty-one rolls of undeveloped film, all shot by the same American soldier during World War II were passed along to developers at The Rescued Film Project. There, they carefully worked to develop photos taken seventy years ago.…

BreakingNews, YouTube • Wed 2016 Mar 16, 6:06pm

The animation was created by the Imperial War Museum to mark the re-opening of the American Air Museum. It shows the progress of the Allied strategic bombing campaign against the Germans from 1939 to 1945 …

Video: 2:32
Jake Rossen, Mentalfloss • Wed 2016 Jan 6, 12:45pm

Some went to work as hospital orderlies. Others picked cotton, baled hay, or tilled soil, living in accommodations near farmland. They ate dinner with families and caught the eyes of single women, running off with them whenever and however they could.

The only thing separating the visitors from the locals of Hearne, Texas was the “PW” insignia stitched into their clothing—that, and the fact many couldn't speak English. …

Breitbart / AP • Fri 2015 Dec 4, 11:21pm

…The Nazi soldiers made their orders very clear: Jewish American prisoners of war were to be separated from their fellow brothers in arms and sent to an uncertain fate.

But Master Sgt. Roddie Edmonds would have none of that. As the highest-ranking non-commissioned officer held in the German POW camp, he ordered more than 1,000 Americans captives to step forward with him and brazenly pronounced: “We are all Jews here.”

He would not waver, even with a pistol to his head, and his captors eventually backed down.

Seventy years later, the Knoxville, Tennessee, native is being posthumously recognized with Israel’s highest honor for non-Jews who risked their lives to save Jews during World War II. He’s the first American serviceman to earn the honor.…

Lorne Fultonberg, KFOR-TV • Mon 2015 Nov 16, 8:48pm

…“I just saw the picture and thought ‘oh my goodness!'”

On the front was a photo. On the back, a detailed log of her beloved soldier’s travels around the world, where he writes of seven bombings and an attack that filled his B-24 with holes.

“It’s a history in itself to me. I just hope that it gets back to her family because she’s a beautiful lady.” …

Coyote Blog • Mon 2015 Oct 12, 7:36pm

Pretty amazing footage. Having been to the Brandenburg Gate during the height of the Cold War, it is jarring to see someone driving easily from the British to the Soviet sector (the wall ran right by the Gate, with it just in the Soviet sector).…

[Video, 7:04, Berlin Channel, YouTube]
Warner Todd Huston, Breitbart • Fri 2015 Aug 28, 5:51pm

…The family took a series of vacation photos of their six and four-year-old children running around and having a great time climbing on the barnacle-covered “buoy.” … “My son was touching it and was knocking on it a little bit, and that was it really.” …after posting photos… people became alarmed, because instead of a beach buoy what the family was crawling all over was an unexploded United States military mine bomb from WWII.…

Vanessa Gera, AP • Fri 2015 Aug 21, 7:20am

Two men in Poland claim they have found a legendary Nazi train that according to local lore was loaded with gold, gems and valuable art and vanished into a system of secret tunnels as the Germans fled advancing Soviet forces at the end of World War II.

Historians say the existence of the train has never been conclusively proven, but authorities are not passing up this chance at possibly recovering treasures that have sparked the imaginations of local people for decades.

"We believe that a train has been found. We are taking this seriously"…

Justin McCurry, Guardian • Sat 2015 Aug 15, 10:33am

As the 70th anniversary of the end of the second world war looms, two would-be suicide pilots described how they prepared to die for their emperor and country…

SF Gate / Deutsche Presse-Agentur • Thu 2015 Aug 13, 8:19am

BERLIN — When Margot Bachmann began her search for her mother — from whom she was separated by the Nazi German government in 1944 — the odds looked slim that she would get solid facts, much less a reunion.

Instead, thanks to the help of the International Tracing Service (ITS), the 70-year-old found her mother alive and well, age 91, in Italy.…

Mushroom cloud
Erik, No Pasara • Thu 2015 Aug 6, 9:50am

Discussing the means that brought the War in the Pacific to an end…

Lucas Reilly, Mental Floss • Wed 2015 Jun 10, 7:48pm

How a chicken farmer, a pair of princesses, and 27 imaginary spies helped the Allies win World War II.…