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Paul Joseph Watson at Info Wars • Thu 2012 Oct 18, 10:09am

As we reported yesterday, in addition to threats by Obama supporters to riot if Romney wins, innumerable Twitter users are also making direct death threats against Romney. The primary reason given for Obama supporters wanting to see Romney dead is the fear that he will take away food stamps. [Emphasis added.]

Smug O
Llarry on Ace of Spades • Wed 2012 Oct 17, 3:55pm

Romney pulled off the incredible feat of getting Obama to tell two lies in one, both of which damage Obama, and Romney got him to do it on national TV, in a presidential debate, AND Romney did it on the spur of the moment, while being assaulted by planted questioners, a biased monitor, and an opponent who's a lying prick shielded by his race.

Romney just keeps getting more impressive.

Cutie-Pie O
no good deed on Ace • Tue 2012 Oct 16, 10:41pm

Okay, this will be my only reference to the debate. Best quote of the night belongs to Obama. "I don't look at mine. It's not as big as yours."

Wall Street Journal • Tue 2012 Oct 16, 11:19am

On nearly every specific issue on which Mr. Biden attacked, he was demonstrably wrong. The Administration's Medicare actuary really does say that 15% of hospitals will take on operating deficits as a result of ObamaCare's cuts in payments to Medicare providers. The American Enterprise Institute study doesn't say that Mr. Romney's plan will raise taxes on the middle class, and Mr. Ryan's Medicare plan doesn't raise costs for seniors by $6,400. Mr. Biden never even tried to offer a second-term agenda.

Yes, it's the Onion • Mon 2012 Oct 15, 7:38pm

After moderator Martha Raddatz asked Biden to give his closing statements, the former senator stared down at his prepared statement for several moments before setting it aside, standing on top of the table in front of him, and sharing a series of frank, poignant personal reflections as a surprised and reverent hush fell across the auditorium. “I know people expect me to embarrass myself right now, or to do something reckless or silly, but I’m not going to do that—not tonight,” said Biden, his voice suddenly tinged with what observers described as a degree of warmth and tender regret never before heard from the veteran politician.

Stephen Green • Mon 2012 Oct 15, 7:01pm

Joe Biden? I knew Lloyd Benson. Lloyd Benson was a friend of mine. And, you Mr. Vice President, are no Lloyd Benson.

Victor Davis Hanson, PJ Media • Mon 2012 Oct 15, 6:52pm

Over 60 million now expect little at all from their president in the debate, so Obama will benefit from dismal expectations by just showing up as the incumbent and being addressed as “Mr. President.”

Roger L Simon, PJ Media • Sun 2012 Oct 14, 7:13pm

Anyone with an IQ in triple digits knows that Romney would be a better president than Obama… that probably includes Obama himself, considering the level at which he debated. … there is a more significant reason he did so badly in the debate than his own relative ineptitude and dyspepsia. Liberalism, his ideology, is economically indefensible. It doesn’t work. He had, in reality, no response when confronted by Romney’s positions. When it comes to liberalism, there’s no there there. … What we may have witnessed on October 3, 2012, is the death of liberalism. And it deserves to die because it is a greedy and self-centered ideology masked under the pretense of generosity….

jas at Ace of Spades • Sat 2012 Oct 13, 12:43pm

Wait, Obama's got the Muslim Brotherhood visiting the WH, Arabists have infiltrated the State Dept., and we have the likes of Nidal Hassan murdering our soldiers at Ft. Hood, and somebody is worried about Mormons infiltrating the governments? I'll take my chances with Mormons over the death cult any day.

Nevergiveup at Ace of Spades • Fri 2012 Oct 12, 10:29pm

By the way as a Dentist I apologize for the shitty bright white laminates or crowns that dick biden has. Some Dentist really took him for a ride. Like freaken headlights. Ya know how many patients I talk out of getting a grill like that

RarestRX on Ace of Spades • Fri 2012 Oct 12, 9:15pm

101 Erevis over on crunched the numbers:

In the VP debate, Biden interrupted Ryan 82 times. The moderator
interrupted Ryan 34 times, for a total of 116 times in a 90 minute

Now, let's break that down further:
Biden spoke for 41:50 minutes. Ryan spoke for 40.05 minutes.

This means that Ryan was interrupted by either Biden or the moderator EVERY 20.73 SECONDS.

Try making ANY POINT under such assault.

The Political Hat • Fri 2012 Oct 12, 11:48am

Vice-President Joe Biden harangued Rep. Paul Ryan for “putting two wars on a credit card” by voting to authorize the use of force against Afghanistan and Iraq. … [Biden] in fact voted FOR BOTH WARS! … yea vote on S. J. Res. 23 (107th Congress), which was a “joint resolution to authorize the use of United States Armed Forces against those responsible for the recent attacks launched against the United States.” Biden also voted yea on H. J. Res. 114 (107th Congress), which was a “joint resolution to authorize the use of United States Armed Forces against Iraq.”

Cutie-Pie O
Dan Collins, Conservative Commune • Wed 2012 Oct 10, 6:53pm

Obama's major US campaign donations website is specifically designed not only to accept unverified donations, but to make donations unverifiable, by mechanizing the falsification of IP addresses from which those donations have been received. The Obama campaign has specifically encoded its website so as to make the commission of fraud a matter of utmost simplicity, rendering those donations untraceable.

Toby Harnden in the Daily Mail • Wed 2012 Oct 10, 6:48pm

The Denver debate, however, showed that Obama, constantly reinforced by people agreeing with him and seldom engaging in the cut and thrust of political discussion with opponents or even allies in Washington, does not take kindly to being challenged.

Having rarely exposed himself to tough questioning from interviewers because the White House prefers to arrange chats on entertainment shows, Obama was blindsided by an energised, well-prepared Romney hitting with with a barrage of facts and forensic argument.

Jason Howerton at The Blaze • Wed 2012 Oct 10, 5:52pm

Addressing Iran’s nuclear ambitions, Romney said he is committed to stopping the radical regime from developing a nuclear warhead.

“There’s no daylight between the United States and Israel,” he said. “We’re both absolutely committed to preventing Iran from having a nuclear weapon. My own test is Iran should not have the capability of producing a nuclear weapon… I can’t speak for the president in this regard.”

The GOP nominee also said he would have Israel’s back both at the U.N and “militarily.” He said Israel attacking Iran would not surprise him if he were president.

Jeff Poor, Daily Caller • Mon 2012 Oct 8, 5:56pm

Following Wednesday’s presidential debate, it was obvious that the crew on MSNBC was taking President Barack Obama’s lackluster performance hard, and it turns out their excessive on-air melancholy was enough to earn them a spot on NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” last night. [video]

Nicholas Ballasy, Daily Caller • Mon 2012 Oct 8, 5:44pm

“The first purpose of a strong military is to prevent war. The size of our navy is at levels not seen since 1916,” Romney said Monday. ”I’ll restore our navy to the size needed to fulfill our missions by building 15 ships per year, including three submarines.”

“I’ll implement effective missile defenses to protect against threats and on this, there will be no flexibility with Vladimir Putin.”

Baby O
J.T. Hatter, American Thinker • Mon 2012 Oct 8, 1:45pm

Bob Schieffer, spinning for CBS, takes the last debate on October 22. Schieffer is a good choice for the progressives. He's one of the meanest liberals in television, and one of most polished practitioners of the art of media spin and disinformation. Schieffer wrote a character assassination book on Ronald Reagan, The Acting President. You can buy the book for one penny on -- more than it's worth. The long knives will be out October 22, and Schieffer will be in Obama's corner. Romney needs to watch his back. Warning bells are going off on this one.

Legal Insurrection • Mon 2012 Oct 8, 1:36pm

William A. Jacobson's preview of VP Debate [videos]

Smug O
Mike Flynn, Breitbart • Mon 2012 Oct 8, 1:33pm

Obama campaign has chosen not to use industry-standard verification methods for its on-line contributions. In fact, the campaign has to pay higher fees to credit card companies because they don't use these methods. So, the campaign is paying millions of dollars for the privilege of not utilizing basic security procedures. Why would they do this?

The clear implication is that they will reap more money without these security procedures than they would with them. Democrats are only wasteful with other people's money. To some extent, then, they are knowingly collecting on-line donations that would otherwise be rejected by basic security protocols. Hmm.

IowaHawk on Twitter • Mon 2012 Oct 8, 10:55am
Slick Willy
Will Never Vote For a dhimmocrat at Ace of Spades • Thu 2012 Oct 4, 7:41pm

Hello, it's just me Donna,

Here in Oklahoma where obama did not carry a single county in 2008, he is running ads. Especially, the one with clinton, which is just insane--because ain't nobody hates clinton like us Okies, we knew how bad he and hillary were from the decades of him being Head Bubba in Charge of Arkansas. We had a huge lawsuit against Arkansas/Tyson Foods over chicken farms/slaughter/waste being dumped in one of the most beautiful rivers in the world. I am not a huge environmentalist, but, just plain wrong is wrong, at some point, the Tysons have enough profit. I will starve to death before I buy a d@mn thing with a Tyson label on it.

BTW, the happiest people on the planet when bj and hillary went to DC to do his Prezidentin and Predation, were the people of Arkansas. With Tyson money and the Arkansas mafia, there was no way to get him out of there otherwise.

Mark Hemingway • Thu 2012 Oct 4, 4:16pm

That wasn't a debate so much as Mitt Romney just took Obama for a cross country drive strapped to the roof of his car. -Mark Hemingway @Heminator

Bob Owens • Thu 2012 Oct 4, 4:09pm

Barack Obama, after his first head-to-head debate against Mitt Romney. [Photo at link]

Ian Schwartz, Real Clear Politics • Thu 2012 Oct 4, 2:53pm

"…these guys in the Obama camp, they're not going go down without swinging. They're going pull something," former Governor Sarah Palin warned after tonight's debate.

Taylor Bigler, Daily Caller • Thu 2012 Oct 4, 1:58pm

“I’m going to say something controversial here. Obama arrived in Denver at 2:00 p.m. today, just a few hours before the debate started,” Gore said. “Romney did his debate prep in Denver. When you go to 5,000 feet and you only have a few hours to adjust — I don’t know, maybe … [inaudible].”

Jeff Poor at Daily Caller • Thu 2012 Oct 4, 1:52pm

“First, the polls showing him behind were in danger of becoming self-fulfilling prophecies by demoralizing Republicans,” Will continued. “I think he probably stopped that in its tracks tonight. Second, he wanted to use this forum to correct what he thinks are serious misrepresentations of his program, particularly regarding Medicare and regarding taxes and the scope of the tax cuts and the revenue neutrality and all of that. Third, he want to make the philosophical statement — he knows this is a country where self-identified conservatives outnumber self-identified liberals two-to-one. So, he used several times, particularly in his closing statement his opportunity to say, ‘Do you believe in the government is the allocator of resources as an opportunity, or do you believe in the market? And I think most Republicans are content to go to the country and say, ‘Let’s vote on that.’” -George Will