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US Election 2016

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Sharkman, Ace of Spades • Fri 2018 Apr 20, 10:16pm

So, I got myself registered to view documents in the Federal Court for the Southern District of New York so that I can track the daily cluster-fuckery of the stupid DemonRats v. Roooshians case that was filed today.…

Read the whole comment.
Gabriel Debenedetti, Twitter • Fri 2018 Apr 13, 1:32pm

…"It is entirely possible I was making decisions in an environment where Hillary Clinton was sure to be the next president…"

Swan Spirit, Twitter • Wed 2017 Nov 1, 3:02pm

Too good not to share.

Click through for cute Halloween kids pic. NSFSJWs
Deborah Danan, Breitbart • Thu 2016 Dec 15, 8:09pm

…Abdulrahman al-Rashed, an acclaimed journalist and former editor-in-chief of London-based leading Arab daily Asharq Al-Awsat, said… the ones who are leading the fear-mongering campaign by “claiming Washington was willing to launch war on one billion Muslims” are radical Muslim groups and tyrannical regimes – including, chiefly, Iran – because Trump and his newly appointed officials have sworn to topple them.…

Trump, still annoying all the right people
davidnakamura, Instagram • Tue 2016 Nov 15, 11:24am

… hundreds of grim-faced White House staffers showed up in solidarity for remarks from President Obama, with VP Biden at his side, on the election outcome…

Mail (UK) / AFP • Tue 2016 Nov 15, 11:19am

…A stony silence turned to sheer horror early Wednesday for Hillary Clinton's supporters at what was meant to be her presidential victory party as it became painfully clear she would not close the gap with Donald Trump.

One by one, states turned Republican red on the interactive map of the country. One by one, dejected Clinton fans left in tears without even seeing their beloved candidate.…

It's been a week already, but this hasn't got old.
Donald J Trump, Twitter • Tue 2016 Nov 15, 10:57am

Trump: If the election were based on total popular vote I would have campaigned in N.Y. Florida and California and won even bigger and more easily

AFP / Mail (UK) • Fri 2016 Nov 11, 10:48am

…Stunned supporters at Clinton HQ watched Hillary's lose state after state in stony silence last night…

Brittany M. Hughes, MRC-TV • Thu 2016 Nov 10, 12:40pm

…HuffPo was just one of a slew of liberal media outlets losing their minds over Republican presidential nominee – and now President-elect—Donald Trump’s victory over Democratic rival Hillary Clinton on Tuesday night in an upset that shocked many liberal and conservative pundits alike.…

ImgURL • Thu 2016 Nov 10, 12:37pm
Lefty tweeter before and after the election.
Weasel Zippers • Thu 2016 Nov 10, 12:34pm
Photo of lost, bewildered, soon-to-be-unemployed White House staffers
Trump, smiling
Schultz, Halper, Fredericks, NY Post • Wed 2016 Nov 9, 11:12am

Donald Trump scored a stunning and historic upset victory in the presidential election Wednesday morning, once again defying predictions and winning key battleground states to capture the White House…

Paul Sperry, NY Post • Sun 2016 Nov 6, 10:49am

…As secretary of state, Hillary Clinton routinely asked her maid to print out sensitive government e-mails and documents — including ones containing classified information — from her house in Washington, DC, e-mails and FBI memos show. But the housekeeper lacked the security clearance to handle such material.…

Rogue Zionist, Twitter • Sun 2016 Nov 6, 10:48am

"What's in the emails is staggering and as a father, it turned my stomach," the NYPD Chief said. "There is not going to be any Houdini-like escape from what we found. We have copies of everything. We will ship them to Wikileaks or I will personally hold my own press conference if it comes to that."

George Soros
Jack Willard, YouTube • Sat 2016 Oct 29, 8:59pm

Soros – “Trump Will Win Popular Vote in a Landslide, But Hillary’s Victory is a Done Deal”…

Hmmm. Video: 1:11.
Robert J. Marlow, Breitbart • Sat 2016 Oct 29, 7:16pm

…Friday Michael Cohen, Donald Trump’s attorney, messaged on his twitter account that he is looking for the woman and that Mr. Trump “has a gift for her.”

.@DiamondandSilk @realDonaldTrump someone please help me locate this woman as Mr. Trump has a gift for her…
— Michael Cohen (@MichaelCohen212) October 28, 2016

BlazingCatFur • Sat 2016 Oct 29, 7:13pm

Hillary Supporters Help Homeless Woman By Beating Her Up…
It was for her own good! She’s a Trump supporter!…
All the videos can be watched here.…

Trump, smiling
Charlie Spiering, Breitbart • Sat 2016 Oct 29, 4:54pm

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley says she’ll vote for Donald Trump, despite her reservations about his character. “This is no longer a choice for me on personalities because I’m not a fan of either one, what it is about is policy,” she says.…

War News Updates • Sat 2016 Oct 29, 3:46pm

WNU Editor: The website Most Damaging Wikileaks has made a list that they believe is the Top 100 Most Damaging Wikileaks (so far). I am glad that someone has taken the time to do this ... it is long overdue. As to who has put this together .... I do not know, but it is clearly someone who is not a fan of the current situation. …

J.B. Williams, News with Views • Sat 2016 Oct 29, 3:43pm

…Approaching the 2016 Primary season, the state of California took illegal and unconstitutional action in direct violation with Federal Election Laws by enacting Assembly Bill 1461… California created a circumstance in which it allows illegal aliens to vote in the 2016 elections… the nation cannot rely upon the validity of California votes. By this action, California has disqualified California election results from the 2016 elections and California votes and electors cannot be legally or ethically counted in the 2016 election, or until such time that California election laws are no longer in violation of Federal Election laws and the U.S. Constitution.…

Would be nice if this could be enforced. Alas…
Pamela Geller, Atlas Shrugs • Thu 2016 Oct 27, 1:36pm

We are under siege by leftist totalitarians. Over decades they have seized control of the most powerful propaganda machine in history — the American media. Their house slaves are inciting violence through groups like Black Lives Matter, etc.

The one place, the only one left to us — one man one vote — is very deliberately being destroyed.…

Links to stories in Texas, Maryland, Illinois, and re 16 states with G Soros voting machines!
Frances Martel, Breitbart • Thu 2016 Oct 27, 12:27pm

On Tuesday, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump received the endorsement of the Bay of Pigs Veterans Association in Miami, the first such endorsement in the history of the anti-communist group. “Our decision was a no-brainer,” a representative of the veterans group said…

Dianny, Patriot Retort • Mon 2016 Oct 24, 10:32am

Back in the summer Donald Trump pointed out that Hillary Clinton wants her supporters to declare “I’m with Her.”

But he doesn’t want us to be with him. Instead, Donald Trump made it clear that he is with us, the American people.

That’s not just semantics. It is a significant distinction between the two candidates.…

Alex Swoyer, Breitbart • Sun 2016 Oct 23, 1:52pm

Donald Trump said if elected President of the United States, he would reject the merger between Time Warner Inc. and AT&T Inc.… “too much concentration of power.”…

Myra Adams, WND • Sun 2016 Oct 23, 1:42pm

Roger Stone… "For the record, I have been under constant surveillance. Two of my dogs have been poisoned, and someone regularly rummages through my trash where they will find nothing, since I wasn’t born yesterday. We all know that politics is a blood sport… if in the near future you hear that I was depressed and took my life, got hit by a truck crossing the street, or killed in a freak hunting accident, you will know that I was murdered and that Hillary Clinton is the chief perp.…

WND • Sun 2016 Oct 23, 1:37pm

…James O’Keefe … worried that his latest batch of exposés might have landed him in particularly hot water? Here’s what he tweeted this afternoon:

“Anything happens to me, there’s a deadman’s switch on Part III, which will be released Monday. @HillaryClinton and @donnabrazile implicated.”

Anonymous, YouTube • Fri 2016 Oct 21, 9:55pm

"Anonymous" poll of 50,000 voters, 1,000 from each state, equal numbers of Dem, GOP, & Indy, defies all the other polls. "Trump Leading 67% To Hillary’s 19%."…

Even if true, there's a huge "margin of fraud" Trump would have to overcome this year.
100% FED Up • Fri 2016 Oct 21, 5:08pm

…Former FBI Asst Director James Kallstrom endorses Donald J. Trum … “Our country is going down the tubes.”…