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Electric Smiley
Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In, YouTube • Sun 2020 Sep 27, 1:54pm

JoAnne Worley:
Just Kissed My Nose Goodnight
Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In

Always thought JoAnne Worley's talents were under-appreciated.
YouTube video, 2:09
Trump, yelling
David Reaboi @davereaboi, Twitter • Tue 2020 Sep 22, 1:36pm

"This is one of the best things I’ve ever seen."

Twitter video 2:16
The Babylon Bee
Babylon Bee, YouTube • Sun 2020 Sep 13, 2:24pm
Kindltot: Babylon Bee has a YouToob channel now
they do animated news

Trump Punched A Baby, California Black Outs, And Squirrels — The BNN Week In Review 9-11-2020
This is your BNN week in review. Did Trump punch a baby? According to anonymous sources he did. What's going on with California black outs? Also, scientists say the squirrels are up to something. Babylon Newsroom Journalists Guy Curtis, Samantha Kurlock, and Stuart Stringer report. These updates and more in our latest video.

Warai-otoko, Ace of Spades • Wed 2018 Sep 19, 9:44am

…Why is it that chicks don't find it sexy when dudes dress up as French butlers?…

Pistol Pete
Pistol Pete, PoliNation • Sat 2018 Apr 21, 9:35am

Take a break from political nonsense for a little while….you’ll feel better. I promise.…

Pete has a great selection of motivational posters for us today. And by motivational I mean funny.
ChiCom Flag
John Hayward, Breitbart • Tue 2018 Mar 27, 5:15pm

China Blocks Searches for ‘Fatty the Third’ as North Korean Mystery Guest Departs Beijing

Abigail, Bluebird of Bitterness • Fri 2018 Mar 9, 1:25am

…frustrated adult and a speech bubble saying, “How I see math problems: If you have 4 pencils and I have 7 apples, how many pancakes will fit on the roof? Purple, because aliens don’t wear hats.”

Divide by zero, then multiply by the square root of minus-one.
Stefan Kanfer, City Journal • Wed 2018 Feb 21, 3:19pm

Interviewed once on German television, the late Robin Williams was asked, “Why do you think there’s not so much comedy in Germany?”

“Did you ever think,” Williams snapped, “you killed off all the funny people?”

Leave it to a Gentile to summarize the Jewish experience in seven words.…

The Onion • Sat 2018 Feb 3, 2:57pm

FBI Warns Republican Memo Could Undermine Faith In Massive, Unaccountable Government Secret Agencies

It's the Onion - or is it?
Muldoon, Ace of Spades • Sat 2018 Feb 3, 1:38pm

I've heard that it's often reported
If your internal plumbing's distorted
That those Norwegian types
Can do wonders with pipes
Though most of us just can't a-fjord it.

Ace of Spades regular commenter and resident wit Muldoon, at his best, master of limerick and pun. Has a book of limeriks.
Arlo and Janis • Tue 2017 Oct 24, 4:41pm

…"Don't want you to forget."…

Classic, funny Arlo & Janis strip
Woman with rolling pin
Comics Curmudgeon • Tue 2017 Oct 24, 4:09pm

…There’s so much that I don’t understand about what’s going on here. Is there an occasion for this strip, in which Hi and Thirsty are suddenly taking the subway home with Leroy Lockhorn, Walt Duncan, Greg Wilkins, Homer Simpson, Mario, and … an Orthodox Jewish (?) character in the foreground I don’t recognize?…

Funny every day. Just seemed especially funny to me today.
Jaime Weinman, YouTube • Wed 2017 Oct 11, 8:04pm

"Morning Ralph" "Morning Sam"

Clip from WB cartoon. 0:10
Bluebird of Bitterness • Thu 2017 Jan 5, 8:52pm

…Have you tried rebooting it?…

Techno-LOLs from Bluebird
Bluebird of Bitterness • Thu 2017 Jan 5, 2:20pm

…“Morning, honey,” said Herb. “By any chance, were you awake when I got home last night?”

“I sure was,” she said, giggling. “You were totally hammered. …

Bluebirdian chuckle
DaveA, Ace of Spades • Tue 2017 Jan 3, 2:11pm


If it actually needs blogsplained.

The Chicken is from this:

and Ben is from these:

Where he actually alternated being brilliant with YELLING IN ALL CAPS.…

I'd been wondering.
Dave Barry, Miami Herald • Tue 2017 Jan 3, 1:53pm

n the future, Americans — assuming there are any left — will look back at 2016 and remark: “What the HELL?”

They will have a point. …

Hard Times • Tue 2017 Jan 3, 1:52pm

Look, we’ve all thought about it. … So let us help you murder your rhythm guitarist so you don’t have to play bass anymore.…

Bluebird of Bitterness • Fri 2016 Oct 28, 1:49am
From Custard's Last Stand to the ill-named Sam & Ella's chicken restaurant
Bluebird of Bitterness • Tue 2016 Oct 18, 10:04pm

A juggler on her way to a performance got pulled over for driving too fast.…

Bluebird has, as Mad Magazine used to put it, humor in a juggler vein.
Bluebird of Bitterness • Mon 2016 Oct 17, 11:39pm
The bluebird brings together another collection of idiocy on display
Bluebird of Bitterness • Sat 2016 Oct 15, 8:46pm
Thank goodness! Bluebird has provided something for the "upbeat and interesting" right-hand column today. Blog was looking sadly unbalanced.
Bluebird of Bitterness • Wed 2016 Oct 12, 10:18pm
Bluebird finds the punniest posters, and pun-ishes us with them