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Ben Brimelow, Business Insider • Tue 2018 Mar 27, 3:22pm

…In honor of National Medal of Honor Day on March 25, here are 13 stories of those who received the nation's highest honor…

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Wyatt Olson, Stars and Stripes • Tue 2018 Mar 27, 3:07pm

…At one point, Williams mounted a pillbox, stuck the flamethrower’s nozzle through an air vent and killed the enemy within it.

Two of the Marines covering Williams died that day, but he never knew their names, and never knew where their remains rested until just a few months ago.

On Saturday, Williams, with the Medal of Honor hanging around his neck, stood over the Hawaii grave of Charles Fischer, one of those “guardian angels” who helped him survive that day and is buried in the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific, nicknamed the Punchbowl.

He saluted the Marine, who died a private first class that day, and then slowly bent down and placed a purple lei upon his headstone.

“I have always said I’m just the caretaker of it,” Williams said later of the Medal of Honor. “It belongs to them. They sacrificed for it. I didn’t.”…

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Eric Swanson, Ada News • Wed 2017 Nov 15, 3:45pm

Sandra Lewis never thought that her uncle, who died in the attack on Pearl Harbor, would be buried in an Oklahoma cemetery someday.

The body of Lewis’ uncle, Pvt. Vernon “Buck” Keaton, has been buried in a Hawaiian grave for the past seven decades. But his remains will be placed on a plane soon and flown to Oklahoma, where he will be buried next to his parents.…

Renee Nal, • Tue 2017 Oct 17, 5:21pm

…At first, we were concerned for the welfare of a fellow soldier. When we discovered the nature of his disappearance, it was incredulity. Why would he do that, we wondered. Very soon, it turned to anger.…

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KFOR • Fri 2016 Oct 21, 10:00pm

The Department of Defense announced Thursday the death of one soldier and one Department of Army civilian employee who were supporting Operation Freedom’s Sentinel.

Sgt. Douglas J. Riney, 26, of Fairview, Illinois, and Michael G. Sauro, 40, of McAlester, Oklahoma, died Thursday in Kabul, Afghanistan of wounds received from encountering hostile enemy forces.…

Used to blog every US military casualty in the wars, but took a long break from blogging, and most of the worst had died down when I resumed. They should all be honored.
Mary Chastain, Legal Insurrection • Fri 2016 Oct 7, 1:01pm

Before World War II veteran Harold ‘Gene’ Baker, 91, passed away, he made funeral arrangements with the Chapel of the Valley Funeral Home in Oregon. But when employees at the home found out he had no family members or friends, they decided to take action and asked the public to attend.

The news spread like wildfire and over 300 people attended the funeral…

Cites KTVL
War News Updates • Wed 2016 Aug 3, 4:04pm

…The U.S. Air Force… arguing that the F-35A can perform close air support as well as the A-10 Warthog can do, is now claiming it cannot afford the A-10s because it needs the money to support the forthcoming F-35A…

WNU Editor: Words escape me.
War News Updates • Fri 2016 Jul 29, 7:24pm

A pilot from 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, California, was killed in an F/A-18C Hornet crash Thursday night.

The crash was during a training mission around 10:30 p.m. near Twentynine Palms, California…

Marine Times and several other news links
Charlie Bayliss, Express (UK) • Thu 2016 Jul 28, 10:36pm

A mysterious substance leak at an Air Force Base has sparked a mass evacuation and has hospitalised 14 people.… Fairchild Air Force Base in Washington.…

Edwin Mora, Breitbart • Sun 2016 Jun 12, 3:10pm

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The funeral for 91-year-old Serina Vine, a formerly homeless veteran with no known relatives, was supposed to be attended by only four people.
Rather than the expected four, an estimated 200 showed up to pay tribute to Vine, who served in the U.S. Navy during World War II, courtesy of a social media campaign organized by veterans’ groups…

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NewsOK • Tue 2016 Jun 7, 2:21pm

Members of the public and families came out to Lexington on Sunday to help see off the Oklahoma Army National Guard's 1-245th Airfield Operations Battalion, 90th Troop Command.

The battalion is deploying to the Middle East in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.…

My opinion not fit for print, except, God bless these folks.
Dapandico, Weasel Zippers • Fri 2016 Jun 3, 11:42pm

The last four soldiers still missing after a truck carrying a dozen troops was washed from a flooded low-water cross at Fort Hood were found dead Friday, bringing the death toll from the accident to nine.…

(Citing Yahoo News)
Fox News • Fri 2016 Jun 3, 10:25am

…Five soldiers were killed, three others injured and four were missing after a US Army truck was swept from a low-water crossing and overturned in a swollen creek at Fort Hood, Texas on Thursday.…

As Vic says, "Something about this poses a lot of questions to me."
Nickarama, Weasel Zippers • Thu 2016 Jun 2, 10:52pm

…U.S. Navy Blue Angels jet crashed Thursday afternoon in Smyrna, Tennessee… around 3 p.m. local time after taking off on a practice flight.… one person died in the crash…

Citing Wash. Free Beacon.
Different from Air Force Thunderbird jet crashed south of Colorado Springs just after a flyover for a graduation of Air Force Academy cadets.
Fox News / AP • Wed 2016 May 18, 10:57am

Buckling under conservative pressure, the Republican-led House Rules Committee pulled a legislative sleight of hand and stripped a provision from the annual defense policy bill that would have required women between the ages of 18 and 25 to sign up for a military draft.…

Lolita C. Baldor, Stars and Stripes / AP • Thu 2016 May 12, 11:06pm

The Navy has fired the commander of the 10 American sailors who wandered into Iranian territorial waters in the Persian Gulf and were captured and held by Iran for about 15 hours.…

Fox News / AP • Wed 2016 May 11, 9:16am

Sixteen black West Point cadets who posed with raised fists for a pre-graduation picture that sparked debates on race and proper behavior in uniform won't be punished for the gesture, the U.S. Military Academy said Tuesday. … found they didn't violate military rules limiting political activity. … didn't plan to make a political statement… … showed "a lapse of awareness in how symbols and gestures can be misinterpreted and cause division," and they will receive instruction to address "their intent versus the impact of the photo.…"

@SHockridgeABC15, Twitter • Wed 2016 May 4, 1:20pm

His fiancée was supposed to buy her dress this week. Charles Keating 1st American killed on Advise & Assist mission. …

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Yaron Steinbuch, NY Post • Tue 2016 May 3, 10:06pm

…US Navy SEAL was killed Tuesday by ISIS forces that broke through Kurdish defenses in northern Iraq — the third US combat death at the hands of the terror group…

But no boots on the ground in combat!
Lucas Tomlinson, Fox News • Fri 2016 Apr 29, 12:41pm

In a stunning reversal, the U.S. Army decided late Thursday to retain a decorated Green Beret it had planned to kick out after he physically confronted a local Afghan commander accused of raping a boy over the course of many days.… Sgt 1st Class Charles Martland…

Sad that it's "stunning" when our military does the right thing.
Fox News • Fri 2016 Apr 29, 12:11pm

…Captain Mario Lopes, who is based in the Washington, D.C. area, agreed to pilot a military-chartered flight on April 14, taking his son’s unit back to the states—and the young solider had no idea his father was in the cockpit.

A video of the moment Lopes surprises his son, First Lieutenant Mario Lopes, is now going viral with over 300,000 views…

War News Updates • Thu 2016 Apr 28, 7:07pm

…During a mock deployment at Mountain Home Air Force Base in Idaho, just one of the $100 million Lockheed Martin LMT -0.04% F-35s was able to boot its software successfully and get itself airborne during an exercise designed to test the readiness of the F-35…

Quoting Clay Dillow, Fortune
Steve Hendrix, Wash Post • Sun 2016 Apr 10, 6:38pm

Andrew Moore lived alone and died alone. He was raised in an orphanage, never married and outlived his friends. For his last 40 years, the World War II veteran slept on a couch in a rent-­controlled efficiency apartment in the nation’s capital. …died in December with no will, no instructions and no next of kin.… destined for a nameless pauper’s grave. Instead… given a hero’s sendoff at Arlington National Cemetery.… the work of a family Moore may not have known he had: the residents of State House, a post-WWII apartment building at the edge of Washington’s Embassy Row.…

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Sig Christenson, My San Antonio • Sun 2016 Apr 10, 6:34pm

The Air Force squadron commander killed Friday in a murder-suicide at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland’s Medina Annex “went out swinging” after a confrontation in his office, sacrificing himself to save a non-commissioned officer… Lt. Col. William “Bill” Schroeder, commander of the 342nd Training Squadron, was killed in Forbes Hall by a “disgruntled” technical sergeant who was facing a disciplinary hearing. … “an amazing airman, father and husband…”

Robert Rich, Mad World News • Sat 2016 Mar 19, 4:37pm

…Rep. Mac Thornberry, Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, asked Marine Corps General Robert Neller why the number of serious air accidents have been “increasing significantly” over the past three years. Without a second thought, he pointed right at Obama.

“We track this very closely and the simple fact is we don’t have enough airplanes to meet training requirements for the entire force,” he said. Just like that, the General slapped Obama with a nasty admission, blaming the severe budget cuts our military has sustained under our so-called commander-in-chief.…

War News Updates • Thu 2016 Mar 10, 7:27pm

Next boss of the USAF…
Never deployed.
No combat experience.
What a joke.…

War News Updates • Mon 2016 Mar 7, 4:07pm

U.S. Navy SEALs are being forced to buy some of the gear they need in order to deploy. The Navy is short on rifles for the SEALs to use during deployment, and they are having to turn in their rifles at the end of deployment so they may be used by the next SEAL team to deploy.…

WNU Editor comments: The US Navy budget is around $150 billion .... but the US Navy SEALs have to share their rifles ?!?!?! Something is wrong.
Eli Lake, Bloomberg View • Wed 2016 Feb 17, 6:22pm

Just as President Barack Obama is planning to send Congress his plan to close the Guantanamo Bay prison this year, leaders of the military say it will not transfer any detainees to the U.S., unless the law prohibiting such transfers is changed.

Lt. General William Mayville Jr., the director of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said as much in a letter to Congress last week…

Chris Casteel, Examiner-Enterprise / TNS • Sun 2016 Feb 14, 6:24pm

[Oklahoma] Sens. Jim Inhofe and James Lankford introduced legislation Friday to give regional Veterans Affairs networks more authority to remove top hospital staff members. just days after the chief of staff at the VA hospital in Muskogee was removed by VA headquarters… after a review by the Rocky Mountain chapter of the Veterans Integrated Services Network. …Inhofe said he trusts the Rocky Mountain service network, which includes Oklahoma, and wants the regional networks to take action without needing headquarters approval.…