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Cannabis leaf
Dana Hertneky | News9 • Wed 2018 Oct 17, 8:56pm

An Oklahoma woman has been charged with marijuana possession, despite having a valid medical marijuana license.… pulled over for a broken rear brake light.… 49-year-old single mom of three boys has had four back surgeries and says she lives in constant pain. So, when medical marijuana became legal, she went out got her medical marijuana license.… “The officer asked if I had anything on me and I said I have a little bit of weed but I have my ID. He just didn’t care. He said I just couldn’t possess it…” officer told her since there are no dispensaries open yet, the weed is illegal. But in a motion to dismiss the charges, Gist's attorney argued [the law] says, "a license holder can legally possess up to three ounces of marijuana."

“Nowhere does it say you have to get it from the dispensary…"

Oklahoma Flag
David Dishman, Examiner-Enterprise • Sat 2018 Jun 30, 11:20am

Voters in all of Oklahoma’s remaining “dry” counties voted to go wet Tuesday, or did they?

Beaver County is one of 14 counties to include a proposition allowing for sale of liquor by the drink in Tuesday’s election. All 14 counties approved the proposition based on unofficial results, Beaver County passing the measure by seven total votes — 718 to 711.

But 10 provisional ballots remain uncounted.…

Just in time for the struggle over pot.
Oklahoma Flag
US News / AP • Sat 2018 Jun 30, 11:05am

Federal officials say Oklahoma residents with medical marijuana cards will be prohibited from obtaining gun permits after voters recently approved the medical use of the drug.…

Licensing and registration - it's always a trap
The Week • Tue 2018 May 15, 2:52pm

Illinois police claim if marijuana is legalized, they'll have to kill their police dogs

Shane Trejo, Tenth Amendment Center • Wed 2016 Aug 3, 3:53pm

Aug 3, 2016 – Last week, Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner signed a bill into law decriminalizing marijuana for adults and changing criminal penalties into civil infractions. The proposal not only decriminalizes marijuana in the Prairie State, it also takes a step toward nullifying federal cannabis prohibition in practice in Illinois.…

Tara West, Inquisitr • Thu 2015 Jul 2, 7:01pm

…Instead of going back to the pharmaceuticals, Kristoffer’s wife says the man grew six small marijuana plants in the family’s home that were only used for personal treatment… in June, 2014, when officers were called to the family’s home for a domestic disturbance call after the man had a PTSD flare-up, Lewandowski was arrested for felony marijuana cultivation, possession of drug paraphernalia, and a domestic violence offense, which is punishable by up to life in prison. …

A reminder that calling the police, especially for domestic disturbances, is highly likely to backfire very badly.
Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project / AlterNet • Mon 2015 Jun 29, 11:00pm

Since Oklahoma Legalized Cannabis Oil, These Two Children Have Been Seizure Free

Highly editorializing, but interesting if true.
Public Radio Tulsa / AP • Sat 2015 May 2, 5:33pm

[Oklahoma] Legislation authorizing medical trials for children with severe forms of epilepsy by using an oil derived from the marijuana plant has been signed into law by Gov. Mary Fallin. … Fallin says she remains opposed to legalizing marijuana for recreational or medicinal purposes.

Shane Trejo, Tenth Amendment Center • Wed 2015 Apr 15, 5:35pm

…Many on the political right solidly oppose federal mandates applied to a wide variety of issues, including education, the environment, the economy, monetary policy, and so on. However, when it comes to drugs, their logic flips on its head. Suddenly, conservatives become the strongest advocates of heavy-handed, unconstitutional federal power. What is going on here? … The drug war is undeniably rooted in a collectivist mindset. It is progressive to the core and follows the same reasoning as other big-government policies, from federal health care to gun control. …

Aditya Tejas, IBTimes • Sat 2015 Apr 4, 5:40pm

Police in Edmond, Oklahoma on Friday busted what they claimed the biggest marijuana growing operation they had ever come across, local media reported. Police said the operation, hidden inside a well-maintained and unremarkable home, contained about 500 plants. …

Poncie Rutsch, NPR • Wed 2015 Mar 25, 10:54am

Variable potency in buds means edible pot products' effects are unpredictable...


"...As THC levels climb, the levels of cannabidiol, or CBD, have been declining. That's problematic for medicinal marijuana users since it is more often associated with medical benefits than THC."


They've only begun testing for contaminants - "traces of butane... Bacteria and fungi...." [possibilities of] "E. coli or Salmonella...."

Michael Boldin, Tenth Amendment Center • Wed 2015 Mar 18, 4:59pm

Mar. 16, 2015 – Today, the North Dakota state Senate gave final approval to a bill authorizing the farming, production, and sale of industrial hemp in the state, effectively nullifying the federal prohibition on the same.

Enid News / AP • Thu 2015 Mar 5, 2:23pm

"Ten sheriffs from three different states sued Colorado Thursday for legalizing marijuana. The sheriffs from Colorado, Kansas and Nebraska say that Colorado's 2012 marijuana legalization vote violates federal law and shouldn't be permitted. …"

[They've certainly got a point there!]

US Senate • Sun 2012 Sep 30, 11:46am

The Man in the Green Hat eventually drew an 18-month prison term. He also drew front-page Washington Post exposure with his own by-lined series of articles on how he and others helped at least 80 percent of the lawmakers break the law.

Samantha Tata and Michelle Valles at NBC LA • Thu 2012 Jul 5, 6:10pm
A raid on a marijuana dispensary in Long Beach was caught on video showing officers smashing surveillance cameras and stepping on a suspect, moves that prompted accusations against the officers of excessive force.
NBC Bay Area • Tue 2012 Apr 3, 7:23pm

Oakland's Oaksterdam University was taken over by federal officials Monday.

Officers wearing U.S. Marshals, IRS and DEA jackets swarmed the Oakland medical marijuana facility on Broadway before 8 a.m. Investigators put yellow crime tape around the entire building.

The nearby Oaksterdam Museum was also being blocked off, according to NBC Bay Area's Christie Smith, as was the Oaksterdam gift shop and the Oakland Cannabis Buyers Cooperative.

Reason • Fri 2011 Dec 16, 10:21pm

Merely having a state medical marijuana card, BATFE insists, means that you fall afoul of Sect. 922(g) of the federal criminal code (from the 1968 federal Gun Control Act), which says that anyone “who is an unlawful user of or addicted to any controlled substance” is basically barred from possessing or receiving guns or ammo (with the bogus assertion that such possession implicates interstate commerce, which courts will pretty much always claim it does). • Sun 2011 Sep 4, 11:29am

Mexican President Felipe Calderón called the Zeta cartel members who started the fire "true terrorists who have gone beyond all limits." Yet having already destroyed nearly $13 billion in cartel "assets," which in a saner world we would call "exports" and not destroy; and captured and/or killed two-thirds of Mexico's most-wanted list, it seems like there's not much else Calderon and his handlers in the U.S. can do: Keep burning them drugs, keep arresting them baddies, and pray--in the words of Obama-nominated DEA Chief Michele Leonhart--that the "caged animals" keep "attacking one another." But the BBC notes that Calderón is losing his gusto for being a drug-war lapdog. • Sun 2011 Sep 4, 11:09am

HempOpening a pot shop in D.C. means signing a paper that says you're a criminal • Sun 2011 Sep 4, 11:00am

Hempa Bronx woman whose 10-year-old son and 8-year-old niece were taken away after a police search of her apartment (based on suspicions of drug dealing) turned up 10 grams of marijuana, which she said belonged to her boyfriend. In New York, possessing less than 25 grams of pot (about nine-tenths of an ounce) is not even a misdemeanor (provided you do not display it "in public view"); it's a citable offense similar to a traffic violation, punishable by a $100 fine. But it was enough for ACS to put Harris' son in foster care for more than a week. Meanwhile, her niece, whom she was raising as a foster child, was taken away for more than a year. ACS closed the investigation with no finding of neglect. ... the trauma of separating children from their parents is bound to cause far more damage than allowing them to be raised by people who smoke pot from time to time. • Mon 2011 Aug 29, 6:45pm

HempScheutte, for example, has gone after registered patients who engage in the collective growing or sharing of marijuana plants on cooperative marijuana farms. Why? Because the law, he believes, requires each patient's plants to be grown and maintained in a "separate" enclosed, locked facility that is only accessible to the registered patient or the patient's registered primary caregiver. This is just, plain hazing—and he didn't even have to toke up to do it. • Mon 2011 Aug 29, 6:41pm

HempThe Michigan Court of Appeals ruled earlier today that a 2008 state law legalizing the use of medical marijuana does not cover the sale of the drug • Mon 2011 Aug 15, 1:00pm

HempAfter confirming the baby was not in the car, the officer tried taking [his] information and learned he did not have a license. The officer then arrested [him] after dispatch informed him [his]license had been revoked in Oklahoma. The officer then impounding the vehicle opened the trunk and immediately smelled the odor of marijuana. In the trunk he found four trash bags.... slightly more than 3.8 pounds.... two notebooks bearing apparent delivery lists of different amount of marijuana, and $1,803 in cash. [Real coo', dood. Not like you're gonna have any friends after that one!] • Fri 2011 Jul 29, 1:25pm

ObamaA graduate student asked him about replacing "the war on drugs" with "a more sophisticated and cost-effective program of rehabilitation such as the one in Portugal." Here is Obama's response: I have stated repeatedly—and it's actually reflected in our most recent statement by our office of drug policy—that we need to have an approach that emphasizes prevention, treatment, a public health model for reducing drug use in our country. We've got to put more resources into that. We can't simply focus on interdiction because, frankly, no matter how good of a job we're doing when it comes to an interdiction approach, if there is high demand in this country for drugs, we are going to continue to see not only drug use but also the violence associated with the drug trade.... Just to make sure that I'm actually answering your question, am I willing to pursue a decriminalization strategy as an approach? No. • Fri 2011 Jul 29, 1:25pm

HempIn Arizona, meanwhile, the Medical Marijuana Act approved by voters last November remains on hold thanks to Gov. Jan Brewer, who worries that it conflicts with the federal Controlled Substances Act. Brewer, a Republican who proudly advocates a "new federalism" that "protects the States and [their] citizens against an over-reaching federal government," in this case seems happy to let the Obama administration override the will of Arizona's voters. • Fri 2011 Jul 29, 1:23pm

Today the NAACP has taken a major step towards equity, justice and effective law enforcement. These flawed drug policies that have been mostly enforced in African American communities must be stopped and replaced with evidenced-based practices that address the root causes of drug use and abuse in America. ... So far, so good, although I'm not quite sure what policy the NAACP is endorsing. • Thu 2011 Jul 21, 6:08pm

HempPeople who supply drugs must appear reluctant and pious; people who use drugs must appear reluctant and ashamed; and the medical pot business must embody this paradigm. Everybody has to pretend not to want it. This is the key to being a goverment-approved drug dealer in America. • Thu 2011 Jul 7, 6:32pm

Hemppot advocates some of the most annoying f'ing people on the planet. [Almost as annoying as this article] • Sun 2011 Jun 19, 12:45pm

HempPolice didn't have to look far to find a man hoping to buy marijuana Thursday. Michael Krebes, 31, of Vernon, put an ad on Craigslist looking to buy pot, police said. Members of the East Central Narcotics Task Force answered the ad, and set up a location to meet Krebes. • Wed 2011 Jun 8, 2:48pm

HempA British pharmaceutical company was working Wednesday to develop a new breed of cannabis-based products aimed at treating a range of conditions including diabetes, epilepsy and Crohn's disease.