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Bartlesville - prairie frontier town

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Max Gross | Bartlesville Radio • Wed 2018 Oct 17, 9:23pm

…According to an affidavit, an officer reported to the scene of a domestic incident and noticed an iPhone sitting on the porch of a residence. The phone had six holes resembling the appearance of bullet holes. A female victim told the officer that Moore had become upset with her and fired six shots at the phone.…

Price Tower
Reagan Ledbetter | NewsOn6 • Wed 2018 Oct 17, 9:02pm

A social media post claims someone is killing rapists in Bartlesville and police want to make it clear, it's fake news.

This is the second fake news post in Bartlesville in the last month.…

Phillips 66 - old sign
Examiner-Enterprise • Wed 2018 Jul 11, 8:08pm

…As Aug. 25th approaches I’m reminded of the time 68 years ago when life in Bartlesville stood still, frozen in time, an event which only a few people left alive still remember.… Along Cherokee Avenue 2,000 Boy Scouts lined the road, all in uniform. The creation of 500 floral displays along with arrangements of 3,000 red and yellow roses kept florists from every town the area working around the clock.…

Price Tower
Emily Droege, Examiner-Enterprise • Fri 2016 Jan 15, 3:44pm

Oil was all the talk more than a century ago, when unpaved roads wound through a forest of oil derricks and flares of natural gas lit the night sky.

The town, however, did not spring up overnight with the first discovery of oil. In fact this area of Indian Territory was settled 30 years before becoming incorporated on Jan. 15, 1897. …

Col-Hi Wildcat
Rita Thurman Barnes, Examiner-Enterprise • Tue 2015 Sep 22, 4:16pm

As they say, time marches on and progress is progress and it’s all for the better but to me, to my classmates of the Col-Hi Class of ’65 there ain’t no way in heaven that that beautiful building that stands so magnificently out on Hillcrest Drive will ever be anything but Bartlesville College High School and you can take that to the bank.…

Phillips 66
Rita Thurman Barnes, Examiner-Enterprise • Mon 2015 Aug 10, 4:07pm

“He worked for Phillips in the basement at 310 W. 5th in Bartlesville and on one occasion he was working on something that killed about half the birds in Bartlesville. He had glasses about an inch thick and grew a ton of tomatoes in his garden every year. He always rode a bike to work; his eyesight may have been too bad for him to be able to drive. You could not tell by looking but he was a brilliant man and did co-invent the aerosol can.”

Ted Cruz
Nathan Thompson, Examiner-Enterprise • Wed 2015 Aug 5, 8:21pm

Texas Republican Senator and presidential candidate Ted Cruz will make Bartlesville the target of his campaign with an event at Oklahoma Wesleyan University in mid-August… will be speaking in a joint event with Rep. Jim Bridenstine, R-Okla., from 4 p.m. until 5:30 p.m. Aug. 13 at the Lyon Fine Arts Center on the campus of OKWU…

Examiner-Enterprise • Wed 2015 Aug 5, 8:18pm

Teams playing in the AABC Sandy Koufax World Series line up at Bill Doenges Memorial Stadium for opening ceremonies in downtown Bartlesville Wednesday. Larry Palmer sang the National Anthem…

Price Tower
Rita Thurman, Examiner-Enterprise • Tue 2015 Jun 30, 8:55pm

…One hundred singers from 24 states and several countries had gathered to rehearse for one week and to perform this work at the magnificent St. Patrick’s Chapel at Maynooth University outside of Dublin, Ireland. Our nametags indicated that we were both from Philadelphia. We began to chat and somehow, within a remarkably short time — maybe about one minute — we figured out that we were both from Bartlesville. Then rehearsal began.…"

We once flew from Chicago to Fairbanks, for a family meet-up, then drove north all the way to the Yukon. Standing there, by the side of the river, we encountered a most obnoxious couple — from Chicago.
Kelcey King, Examiner-Enterprise • Tue 2015 Jun 2, 7:56pm
Local paper tries to be hip, fails, when TARDIS lands in Dewey, OK.

…The beloved TARDIS, or Tethered Aerial Release Developed In Style, from the British television cult classic “Doctor Who,” was available for purchase Friday at Time Travelers Antiques and Flea Market, located at 1120 N. Osage Ave. in Dewey.…

Emily Droege, Examiner-Enterprise • Mon 2015 May 11, 9:34pm

Even though Bartlesville remained unscathed from the severe storms last week, extreme weather conditions have challenged residents since the city’s founding more than a century ago.

Established in the floodplain of the Caney River, the City of Legends was the scene of regular flooding until upstream dam projects brought the river under control in the late 1940s.

One of the first recorded floods in the town’s history took place in the spring of 1885, when, according to one eyewitness, a “25-foot wall of water” roared down the Caney River.…

[Correction on date of tornado]

Katiera Winfrey, News On 6 • Sat 2015 May 2, 7:57pm

For 68 years the Kiddie Park in Bartlesville has given children a theme park experience; and despite vandalism and broken machines, the park has held strong. Friday was opening night at the park where generations have families have come since it opened in 1947.…

Phillips 66
Emily Droege, Examiner-Enterprise • Mon 2015 Apr 13, 10:45pm

…An 87-year-old structure symbolizing the community’s rich oil heritage has found a perfect second home just inside the entrance of Woolaroc. The cottage-style station, covered with a multi-colored roof, was donated by Phillips 66…

Nellie Johnstone
Emily Droege, Examiner-Enterprise • Mon 2015 Mar 30, 3:55pm

One of the most significant leases in the history of the old industry — which in turn transformed Bartlesville into a major energy center — was signed on a brisk spring day in the late 1800s…

Price Tower
GTRnews • Mon 2015 Mar 2, 6:48pm

"…'Music of Italy' will be the theme for this year’s festival set for June 6-13. The 2015 season, OKM’s 31st consecutive year, which makes it a legendary phenomenon in national music festival history…"

Okla Flag
Diane Coston, Examiner-Enterprise • Fri 2015 Feb 27, 8:13pm

"You may be under the impression that the Wild West ended in the early 1900s. You'd be wrong, according to former rodeo cowboy and lifetime Bartlesville resident, Al Jay Kester. During a recent interview, Kester talked about what it was like in Bartlesville during the 1950s."

[Audio MP3, 3:31]

Examiner-Enterprise • Mon 2014 Jun 30, 8:27pm

Bruce “BooBoo” Long, 68, of Bartlesville, passed away suddenly, Thursday, June 26, 2014. … BooBoo always said “Clowns never die, they just parade away.”

Sooner Park Play Tower
KJRH • Thu 2014 Jun 26, 6:37pm

The one-of-a-kind Sooner Park Play Tower is being refurbished after standing for more than 50 years. Designed by architect Bruce Goff, the tower was a gift from the Price family to the children of Bartlesville in the early 1960s. … Its futuristic design is reminiscent of the time it was built when Americans dreamed about landing on the moon and exploring outer space. …

April Hill, KRMG • Thu 2012 Oct 18, 7:18pm

…filming of "August: Osage County" in the Bartlesville area … One of the settings for the film has a long history for a Bartlesville family. The home was in Andy Novak's family for decades until the 1980s. Both Andy and her daughter spent time there as children. … Her great-grandfather's brother built the big home in the 1940s. The setup was a wonderland for children with a large yard, a creek, and maybe best of all, a wrap-around porch on both stories. "You could play and roller skate or whatever you wanted to do all the way around the house. It was just very unique and fun." …

Emory Bryan, News On 6 • Sat 2012 Sep 22, 11:27pm

News On 6 uncovered one of the extras for the new movie August: Osage County - under wraps - right in the middle of Tulsa.

Kerry Godfrey is part of Hollywood now.

Friday, Godfrey was working on a well-worn, rusty 1965 Dodge, that's going to be driven for a movie by one of the stars. The thing is it's not actually a well-worn, rusty truck.

The thing is it's not actually a well worn, rusty truck.

"Most of the time we try to make things look better, in this case, we're downgrading it," Godfrey said.

Brittany Jeffers at Fox23 • Sat 2012 Sep 22, 11:01pm

Katie Keleher told FOX23 that she spotted George Clooney while she was eating dinner at Frank and Lola's in Bartlesville.
"My eyes got really big and I started freaking out," said Katie. She said Clooney was eating dinner at a table near hers.

"I could hear him talking and his voice sounded just like it does on t.v.," said Katie.

News on 6 • Sat 2012 Sep 22, 10:57pm

A resident in Bartlesville made a big celebrity sighting Thursday.

George Clooney snapped a picture with a fan in a Bartlesville store.

The A-lister is a producer on the film, August: Osage County, which is filming now in Bartlesville and Pawhuska.

USA Flag
Examiner-Enterprise • Thu 2012 Jul 5, 3:31pm
During Frank’s Flag Campaign 2012, more than 4,000 U.S. flags were placed across Bartlesville and along the primary streets by Friends of Frank Phillips Home board members, friends, church groups and schools. The flags covered more than 13 actual miles of city streets, or 26 total miles of flags (both sides).
Old 66 sign
Rex Knepp Houston Energy Industry Examiner • Wed 2012 May 2, 8:07pm

Houston's ConocoPhillips, the oil giant formed ten years ago by merging Conoco Inc., with Phillips Petroleum, will spin off its refinery business effective tomorrow, May 1, 2012. ... The upstream company, which will retain the ConocoPhillps name and continue to headquarter in Houston, is the largest independent oil and gas in the US. The refining and distribution company will be named Phillips 66 and will also be headquartered in Houston. ... There is as yet no word about job losses here in Houston or at the former headquarters company towns of Bartlesville (Phillips) and Ponca City (Conoco), Oklahoma. • Thu 2011 Sep 8, 5:02pm

The former home of Bartlesville Office Supply, the Kress building, has recently been the target of a renovation and rejuvenation project. ... "When the Kress stores went under, they knew their buildings were architecturally significant," Oldroyd said. The company donated all of their blue prints and plans to The National Building Museum in Washington D.C. The builders also took photos whenever they made any structural changes to the building and sent them to the corporate office as proof of those changes. Oldroyd contacted the museum and was able to have all the blue prints and pictures sent to him. "It was a tremendous tool in seeing what the building was originally like," Oldroyd said. • Sat 2011 Aug 27, 6:46pm

Popping up all over Bartlesville in recent weeks have been lily-like plants, their pink and aromatic blossoms held aloft by stems — but with no leaves to be seen. Area residents have been asking what these leafless flowers are, so 2News went to Green Thumb Nursery on Nowata Road to find out. "They are Lycoris," said a nursery employee Wednesday morning, explaining though they are locally known as 'Surprise Lilies' or 'Naked Ladies.' She said every year one or two people call asking about these leafless flowers — but in truth, they are not leafless.

Price Tower • Thu 2011 Aug 25, 7:19pmFollowing a design workshop and individual design consultations presented by Downtown Bartlesville Inc., of which 30 businesses and property owners attended, there has been a recent flurry of activity. The workshop focused on adding curb appeal to a downtown building by doing simple renovations. It showed how the removal of fake façade elements can reveal prominent architectural features, what the simple cleaning of dirt and grime from a building can reveal or what a new coat of paint can do to update the look. • Wed 2011 Aug 24, 5:04pm

For more than three months, Prusinowski endured wind, rain and triple-digit temperatures to make a 2,000-mile journey on foot in order to connect with the Lenape Indians, also known as Delaware Indians, and their migration from the Delaware Valley in the northeast to their final stopping point in the Midwest. His solo trek began at his hometown of Fishtown, Penn., and ended recently in Bartlesville. • Wed 2011 Aug 17, 8:50pm

A Philadelphia man will celebrate Wednesday night after walking 2 000 miles from Penn Treaty Park to Bartlesville Oklahoma to draw attention to ... "The Trail of Tears" • Thu 2011 Jul 21, 6:45pm

Police arrested a Bartlesville woman Saturday evening after the residents of a house on Seminole Avenue came home to find the pink pajama-clad woman in their house destroying their possessions... asked by the residents what she was doing in their house replied, " I don't know!" ... had broken a few "very expensive" porcelain Indian collectables and had poured "an entire case of water" on a flat screen television ... said she went into the house and "tore (expletive) up" because she was angry from all the voices.