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Radical Incline

Protecting us from those dangerous Imperial warriors

Cops arrest 'Stormtrooper'

Alberta stormtrooper bloodied during blaster-related police response on May the Fourth
CTV News
…A 19-year-old employee at Coco Vanilla Galactic Cantina dressed as a familiar Star Wars stormtrooper and danced outside the restaurant with blaster in hand to mark the occasion of May the Fourth, the day Star Wars fans celebrate the iconic film franchise as a play on the "May the force be with you" line.
Lethbridge police arrived with guns drawn, shouting at the teenage girl to drop her blaster, which she says she didn't hear through her storm trooper helmet.…
Whalen says Ashley suffered a bloody nose after she was tackled to the ground by officers and handcuffed.…

Newscast video at the CTV link, but I found this, apparently the original video:
John southern - May 5, 2020 - 2:18
Lethbridge, AB police arrest Star Wars themed business employee in Stormtrooper costume at gunpoint.
Found an even better video c/o Viral Hog.

This post is two weeks late, I know. First I had a weird glitch in the paint file I was creating. Vector text in a certain font stretched to an odd shape crashed the whole paint program! Never mind what that means, except it meant a lot of program crashes until I found the problem.

Then my Internet Service Provider wouldn't let me upload the image files for a couple of days. See "Battling Dragons" for an image of that.

To my ISP's credit, whatever was glitchy there is fixed now, so, yay.

Talk about first-world problems!!

The Art of

Why do you think they call them firewalls?

The dragons of technology that seek to hoard all our time.

Knight in armor vs Dragon on laptop
My Internet Service Provider suddenly quit letting me upload files to Mindful Webworks website. Going on day 3 now.

The image above was posted on my "Other People's Stuff" blog. That's my workaround for the meanwhile.

The thumbnail image will just be repeats of already-uploaded thumbnails in the interim.

Can this be blamed on the Kung Flu epidemic panic?

This is just one of several different technical dragons I’ve been battling in the past week or two.

Radical Incline

Now you're cooking with creosote!

Joe / Mike 2020

Radical Incline

You will be compelled to obey!

Lord Heavyhand
“This is how its gonna be…
we will shut you down…
we will cite you…
we will arrest you”

h/t Splunge on A♠: The Mayor of Chicago is doing… what you'd expect the Mayor of Chicago to do
Femme Fatale @RealBasedMAGA
“This is how its gonna be......we will shut you down....we will cite you....we will arrest you”
Chicago’s Major has laid it out...
Had enough yet? @realDonaldTrump @Barnes_Law
Updated with better vid
Cross-posted at Mindful Webworks'
Other People's Videos blog

Radical Incline

It's not so much about Whitmer as it is all her ilk

The Chief Inquisitor

Gov Delores Whitmer - portrait

Social Distancing


Sports Cancelled

Sports Cancelled

Extracurriculars Curtailed

Extracurriculars Curtailed

Restricted Access

Restricted Access

Inquisitorial Squad

Inquisitorial Squad

Inspirational h/t:
Truck Monkey on A♠: Gretchen halfWhittmer and Delored Umbridge. Compare and contrast. Go...

UPDATE #2: Breaking Quarantine