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Familiar Faces on Old TV Shows

Have Talent, Will Act

Watching classic Have Gun Will Travel episodes, finding familiar actors. Here's six episodes in a row.

HoytJohn Hoyt (1905-1991) IMDb
Another regular character actor, appeared twice in Have Gun. We just watched him in S3.E22, "The Ledge," aired Feb 13, 1960, where he played "Dr. Stark." I kept thinking, I know him from some other show, also as a doctor. Sure enough, he was "Dr. Phillip Boyce," the "Bones" to Jeffrey Hunter's captain in the original Star Trek pilot.

PattersonHank Patterson (1888-1975) IMDb
Was in ten episodes of Have Gun. We just saw him in S3.E23, "The Lady on the Wall," one of a collection of geezers in the bar of a dying town. Eminently recognizable as Fred Ziffle, from Green Acres.

CareyHarry Carey Jr. (1921-2012)
Classic and familiar character actor, was in a dozen different Have Gun episodes. We just saw him playing the Sheriff in S3.E24, "The Misguided Father," aired Feb 27, 1960. He was one of the teasing geezers in the bar in Back to the Future 3.

Ahn as KanPhilip Ahn (1905-1978) IMDb
"played hundreds of Chinese and Japanese characters during a long career."
Was in "Hey Boy's Revenge," aired Apr 12, 1958, played W Chung, but we just watched him in "The Hatchet Man," S3, E25, aired Mar 5, 1960, played Hoo Yee. Best known to us as "Master Kan" in the 1970s Kung Fu series.

LynchKen Lynch (1910-1990) IMDb
A wealthy financier hires Paladin to protect him in S3,E26 "Fight at Adobe Wells," aired Mar 12, 1960. The financier was played by Lynch. Where, I wondered, do I know him from? Ah! He was in the Star Trek episode "The Devil in the Dark," where he was "Vanderberg" the head of the mining colony being attacked by a mysterious monster. That's the episode with the memorable line: "I'm a doctor, not a bricklayer!"

James Coburn (1928-2002) IMDb
Paladin has to square off against a Texas gunslinger (Coburn). Shocker! Paladin won. Coburn was also in an earlier episode of the same season.

Like to see what-all the old actors were in. Some folks seem to be in just about everything, back in the day.

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Oreo Rant


Commented on Ace of Spades, Saturday, July 30, 2011 - 22:57

It's late, I'm tired, I have no energy to read any of the no doubt fascinating and insightful 228 comments, I'm on a slow rural connection, and can't see the videos. The world is doomed. We rent rides to the space station from the Russians, the budget is a pop bottle rocket (the kind that explode), Dick Milhouse O'Bluffy is STILL pResident, communism is rampant, there's no beer in the fridge, we're losing Iraq and Afghanistan and Libya but about to go to war with Iran while the imminent Mexican invasion (h/t Ann Barnhardt) is timed to coincide with the multi-city terrorist nuking (see.. uh...) and the Yellowstone volcano, and Mr Jesus still hasn't been back to visit us, BUT...

NOW THERE'S A REAL CRISIS! I bought a bag of ordinary Oreo cookies tonight and the filling.. the filling was about HALF there!! Win The Future? Is nothing sacred? It was, like, twice the thickness of my big toenail. Maybe the cookies were thinner, too, but who cares, that would be a good thing. Is this a plot to force us to buy double-stuft just to get normal stuff? Is this Michelle Obama's latest plan to screw dietary happiness? It wasn't even worth twisting them apart and scraping the filling out. It's not like I can go out and buy Hydrox, y'know? (You don't know? I feel so old!)

Maybe I just got a bum bag. Instance is not pattern. But Nabisco, I'm watching you!

That is all. Good night.
This got amusing responses from phoenixgirl and chemjeff and Peaches and The Great Satan's Ghost and robtr and someone and ParanoidLaundryGirlinSeattle.

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Mindful on the 25th Anniversary

Troubles in Old Age

Some of the Horde were wondering how to go about setting up blogs and sites and such that are independent of cancel-culture-friendly hosting companies....
Sabrina Chase

Mindful Webworks -- 25 years online as of the 17th of this month. I really had hoped to have some significant upgrades before then, on the look and interaction on the site.

"Please don't take it personally, but your site kinda sucks." -logprof, October 17, 2012 - my best review.

Alas, my domain names and site are hosted by a company that has begun doing the social injustice league stuff. It'll be a while before they get to me (website ranking: too low to matter), but if they find that one video I did about Hillary....

Unfortunately, I'm too old and busy and dumbed down to do what it takes to move the content managing system and all the content to new and trustworthy hosts. Color me concerned.

Income comes in where?
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Battling Dragons

Why do you think they call them firewalls?

The dragons of technology that seek to hoard all our time.

Knight in armor vs Dragon on laptop
My Internet Service Provider suddenly quit letting me upload files to Mindful Webworks website. Going on day 3 now.

The image above was posted on my "Other People's Stuff" blog. That's my workaround for the meanwhile.

The thumbnail image will just be repeats of already-uploaded thumbnails in the interim.

Can this be blamed on the Kung Flu epidemic panic?

This is just one of several different technical dragons I’ve been battling in the past week or two.

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Mindful Webworks at 24

The blog is old enough to buy alcohol.

Before March, 2020, becomes a memory, here's a reflection on twenty-four years of webworking. I would have had this post up on the day, but, in my discombobulated way, I had some new webworks that took priority. (See all webworks.) As commented on the Ace of Spades Art Thread on March 17, illustrated:

But is it art?

ON THIS DAY, IN 1996, I published a webpage for the first time.

Days of ink and staples

CynicalmanAt the time, my hobby creative outlet was mini-comics, as inspired by the great cartoonist Matt Faezell, creator of Cynicalman. ( Mini-comic: One sheet of typing paper, print both sides, cut, fold, staple = 8-page booklet. It was a format that was a good fit for my simplistic doodles and short-attention-span stories. Sometimes I got fancy and did 16-pagers.

My audience was limited to handing out or mailing copies to friends, neighbors, and relatives (most of whom were polite enough not to say anything about them). I did have a 'display' at ChicagoCon, once - a fellow in the independent publishers area let me have a corner of his table. Other than that, well, even with small 'press runs,' I have a whole big bunch of copies left, here in this shoebox.

Big Potato #1 coverWWWOW! signal

I thought, this new web thing might be a good place to advertise my little comics. I put up a list. I even created a VRML 3D old-fash-looking comics 'spinner' to display them. (Alas, poor old VRML, we hardly knew ye.) I had fun, anyway.

Then I decided to put up a sample.

I took the original artwork on one mini-comic, scanned it with my 300dpi hand-held grayscale scanner, and created the GIFs (hadn't yet learned about .PNG) using good old Deluxe Paint IIe. Colored in with a sixteen-color palette.

All in Your MindThe moment that full-color "sample" page was uploaded, it hit me — this — the wwweb — was the new framework for everything. Text, pix, audio, video, 3D-VR, all in one system. No more trips to the photocopy place. No more black-and-white printing, cutting, folding, stapling. No mailing lists or stamps or wrappers! I went out of the self-print-publishing business and proceeded to scan and color and upload all my comics. Then made new ones. "Print is dead."

Income comes in where?I addressed the copyright and income issues in a brief attempt at a daily comic, Mind Fuel. I realized there was no protection from data theft, no paywall that couldn't be breached or reached-around (!). It's been amusing, over the subsequent two dozen years, to watch 'real' publishers try to deal with matters I figured out immediately. (Well, before the web there was CompuServe, which had its limits, but still taught me about the universal accessibility of web stuff.)

The PayPal donation button does work.


Twenty-four years, and some twelve hundred webworks.

The old website has not had as much new stuff in recent years as in the past, as personal and computer problems have been seriously thwarting me. I still have many short and tall tales to tell.

I do hope to spruce the place up a bit before the big 25 next year.

Guru Radd Dadd sweeps


"Please don't take it personally, but your site kinda sucks."
logprof on Ace of Spades
October 17, 2012 12:20 AM