Hope Nobody Expected Anything Special

It's only the 19th Anniversary - just wait'll next year!

Another personal message from the ol' webworker instead of actual content.

So this happened:

Surprising Stats

I hope nobody was expecting anything special.

There's no indication in Google stats why pageviews suddenly rose from about a dozen a day, holding steady for the past several years, to this one day at nearly 500. There wasn't any particular page that was getting the hits, but there were 200+ on the main page. I'll see what it looks like the next couple of days. Probably just some kind of data glitch.

I haven't been much of a webworker in the last half year. Got sick. Got out of the groove. Technical difficulties; please stand by. Dog ate my webwork. Chrissy at PoliNation has dubbed me "webslacker." Hmph; deservedly, I suppose. There's lots of stuff heaped up, dating back months, much of which just needs a little polishing and then they could be called webworks. I suppose I should start mining that heap.

Speaking of heaps, one thing I have started doing again for the past month is the Blog Heap o'Links (the world's greatest blog name). News and general stuff, quoted, linked, and with some commentary I'll probably regret later. No embedded videos, no big graphics, just hypertext. Some little icons, just to break it up. Fishy

Oh, yeah, and today is the 19th anniversary of the web debut of Mindful Webworks. Let's look at the ol' Alexa rankings for this site. Hmm. World ranking = 10,706,372, but that's changed by 5,503,036 over the past three months — whether up or down, I'm not sure. Looks like an up-arrow, but the hover text says "declined." Or does declined mean went up in the charts? If I'd known, nineteen years ago, how much trouble this website was going to be... I'd've got started sooner?But, the pain!

The first mindful cartoon webwork posted on the web, adapted from the mini-comic of the same name, with heroic coloring work by young daughter: It's All in Your Mind!

Not that much went up the first year. In February of '97, I initiated a daily one-panel, which lasted for several months. Here's the first sketch, The Clubhouse Front Door. They got better, some of them. The second daily panel attempt, which started in 2012, managed to run for a year. Some good stuff came out of that.

Mostly, it's just been whatever I can throw into the mix. Still lots of stuff, old and new, not online yet. More than is already here. So, I guess I should get busy.

Maybe after a nap.