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The Fundamentals of Kitchen Economies

Free to Chew with Chef Milton

Radical Incline

How free people would handle the seasons

Eternal clockInstead of the ludicrous and ignorant re-setting of clocks, how much harder would it be to say, on such-and-such days, businesses, schools, et al. shift to summer (or winter) hours Anyone can follow the gov't recommended (but not mandated) "shift" days if preferred. Just change the "business" hours for those that want to. Not the clocks.

[Farmers know standard time is reality.🐄 ]

Now, with geolocated cell phones, we can actually have much finer-grain time zones than the current 24…

The Art of

Have Talent, Will Act

Watching classic Have Gun Will Travel episodes, finding familiar actors. Here's six episodes in a row.

HoytJohn Hoyt (1905-1991) IMDb
Another regular character actor, appeared twice in Have Gun. We just watched him in S3.E22, "The Ledge," aired Feb 13, 1960, where he played "Dr. Stark." I kept thinking, I know him from some other show, also as a doctor. Sure enough, he was "Dr. Phillip Boyce," the "Bones" to Jeffrey Hunter's captain in the original Star Trek pilot.

PattersonHank Patterson (1888-1975) IMDb
Was in ten episodes of Have Gun. We just saw him in S3.E23, "The Lady on the Wall," one of a collection of geezers in the bar of a dying town. Eminently recognizable as Fred Ziffle, from Green Acres.

CareyHarry Carey Jr. (1921-2012)
Classic and familiar character actor, was in a dozen different Have Gun episodes. We just saw him playing the Sheriff in S3.E24, "The Misguided Father," aired Feb 27, 1960. He was one of the teasing geezers in the bar in Back to the Future 3.

Ahn as KanPhilip Ahn (1905-1978) IMDb
"played hundreds of Chinese and Japanese characters during a long career."
Was in "Hey Boy's Revenge," aired Apr 12, 1958, played W Chung, but we just watched him in "The Hatchet Man," S3, E25, aired Mar 5, 1960, played Hoo Yee. Best known to us as "Master Kan" in the 1970s Kung Fu series.

LynchKen Lynch (1910-1990) IMDb
A wealthy financier hires Paladin to protect him in S3,E26 "Fight at Adobe Wells," aired Mar 12, 1960. The financier was played by Lynch. Where, I wondered, do I know him from? Ah! He was in the Star Trek episode "The Devil in the Dark," where he was "Vanderberg" the head of the mining colony being attacked by a mysterious monster. That's the episode with the memorable line: "I'm a doctor, not a bricklayer!"

James Coburn (1928-2002) IMDb
Paladin has to square off against a Texas gunslinger (Coburn). Shocker! Paladin won. Coburn was also in an earlier episode of the same season.

Like to see what-all the old actors were in. Some folks seem to be in just about everything, back in the day.

Radical Incline

We have a special kit for you

'All I wanted was a wheelchair lift for my home.' -- 'Die, useless eater, die!'

h/t bonhomme on A♠
Assisted dying was offered to veteran and former Paralympian requesting wheelchair ramp

I have a letter saying that if you're so desperate, madam, we can offer you Medical Assistance in Dying…

The Art of


Commented on Ace of Spades, Saturday, July 30, 2011 - 22:57

It's late, I'm tired, I have no energy to read any of the no doubt fascinating and insightful 228 comments, I'm on a slow rural connection, and can't see the videos. The world is doomed. We rent rides to the space station from the Russians, the budget is a pop bottle rocket (the kind that explode), Dick Milhouse O'Bluffy is STILL pResident, communism is rampant, there's no beer in the fridge, we're losing Iraq and Afghanistan and Libya but about to go to war with Iran while the imminent Mexican invasion (h/t Ann Barnhardt) is timed to coincide with the multi-city terrorist nuking (see.. uh...) and the Yellowstone volcano, and Mr Jesus still hasn't been back to visit us, BUT...

NOW THERE'S A REAL CRISIS! I bought a bag of ordinary Oreo cookies tonight and the filling.. the filling was about HALF there!! Win The Future? Is nothing sacred? It was, like, twice the thickness of my big toenail. Maybe the cookies were thinner, too, but who cares, that would be a good thing. Is this a plot to force us to buy double-stuft just to get normal stuff? Is this Michelle Obama's latest plan to screw dietary happiness? It wasn't even worth twisting them apart and scraping the filling out. It's not like I can go out and buy Hydrox, y'know? (You don't know? I feel so old!)

Maybe I just got a bum bag. Instance is not pattern. But Nabisco, I'm watching you!

That is all. Good night.
This got amusing responses from phoenixgirl and chemjeff and Peaches and The Great Satan's Ghost and robtr and someone and ParanoidLaundryGirlinSeattle.