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Also, to all writers, unless you're using USA or BHO, specifiy the First Time You Use It (FTYUI). How many acronyms do you think folks have in their heads - even us civilians?

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Syria accused of "systematically" killing 11,000 detainees. How is this any different than just regularly killing them?

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Electronic snooping, robots on the battlefield, electronic warfare drones, knockout games recorded for YouTube, bullying on Facebook and Twitter, flash mobs organized by social media, electronic br

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I want to recommend to any who haven't seen it, 9/11 The Plane That Fought Back. This appears to be it, divided up on YouTube:

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But we don't need this primitive idea anymore. It's so last century. We have those giant long-wave weapons that can cause earthquakes and volcanoes anywhere on earth, doncha know.

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