The Plane That Fought Back

I want to recommend to any who haven't seen it, 9/11 The Plane That Fought Back. This appears to be it, divided up on YouTube: - if anyone knows where else online the whole thing might be caught, post a link.

This is not the theatrical "Flight 93" (which I haven't seen). It's a docudrama mixing live interviews with re-enactments, including different takes on what might have happened right at the end. Been a couple years since I watched it, might try to dig out my copy tonight. So hard to watch, of course, but important.

Sometimes the flight that didn't get to its destination gets back-burnered, while it a real sense it was the great victory of the day, and one of the earliest miracles of modern warfare communications at the same time. Extraordinary everyday people knew what was going on, and, like it says, fought back. And we really have no reason to say otherwise than that they won.