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Waco massacre

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One week until the anniversaries of Waco and the OKC bombing. Should be an interesting week.

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Subjects: communication, freedom, Oklahoma City Bombing, Waco massacre

Followed the link on the standoff picture. Escalating, you say?

I went looking on YouTube for... something like this.

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Subjects: Waco massacre

Waco siege April 19, 1993
Twenty year anniversary TOMORROW1!!111
-conspiracy now at April 18, 2013 09:15 PM (4uuov)

Janet Reno still free.

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Subjects: Waco massacre
angry storm
Best of Spirits

Along with the physical weather damage there's been waves of what I've come to call "April madness," a seeming spike in random beat-downs, suicides, family murders, etc. Just my impression; I've not compiled statistics.

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